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Buying gold Quarters

Where to buy gold quarters. Buying gold is an age-old investment strategy that offers multiple benefits including risk management, hedging against inflation, and a safe store of value. Among the various forms of gold available in the market, gold quarters have always been a popular choice for collectors and investors alike. However, as the market expands, it is crucial to know where to buy these gold quarters from and how to evaluate their worth. Two of the industry leaders in this regard are Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals. This article will dive deep into the offerings of these firms, their ratings, reviews, and customer services, along with an understanding of the worth of gold quarters.

Where To Buy Gold Coins

Buying Gold Quarters From A Leading Precious Metals Dealer Goldco 


5 Star Rating

Goldco is one of the leading providers of precious metals in the United States, offering an expansive range of gold products, including gold quarters. Known for its excellent service and transparency, Goldco is accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a Triple-A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, both of which testify to the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of its products. Goldco has also received a 4.7/5 rating from Consumer Affairs, based on numerous customer reviews praising the company's helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Additionally, Goldco has been recognized with several awards in the industry, including the Bullion Dealer of the Year in 2018 and 2020, a testament to its quality service and commitment to providing the best to its customers. The company is also praised for its educational resources, helping customers understand the nuances of investing in gold and other precious metals. See full review

Another Good Company To Buy From IS Augusta Precious Metals

5 Star Rating

Augusta Precious Metals is another prominent name in the precious metals industry, known for its commitment to customer education and transparent practices. It boasts an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on TrustLink based on hundreds of positive customer reviews.

The company has won numerous awards for its excellent customer service, including the Bullion Dealer of the Year Award for three consecutive years. Augusta Precious Metals distinguishes itself through its personalized customer service, with dedicated customer success agents assigned to each client, assisting them at every step of their precious metals purchase journey. See Full Review.

The Worth of Gold Quarters

The value of a gold quarter depends on several factors, including its weight, the current gold market price, and its condition or rarity if it's a collector's item. As of 2021, the price of gold was hovering around $1800 per ounce, so you can use that as a baseline to calculate the worth of a gold quarter, taking its weight into consideration.

Gold-Plated Quarter Value

When it comes to gold-plated quarters, it's important to note that they do not have the same value as a gold quarter because the amount of gold used in the plating process is minimal. Gold-plated quarters are typically sold for their novelty or collector value rather than their intrinsic gold value. As such, their worth can greatly vary, typically ranging from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the rarity, condition, and demand for the specific coin.

Is a Gold Quarter Worth Anything?

Absolutely, a gold quarter is worth quite a lot, not only due to its gold content but also due to its collectible value. If the gold quarter is a rare or historical piece, it can fetch a significantly higher price in the market, especially if it's in good condition. However, it's crucial to have the coin appraised by a professional or a trusted dealer to accurately determine its worth.

Gold Plated Quarter Worth and Value

Again, the worth of a gold-plated quarter is largely determined by its novelty or collector's appeal. While the actual gold content in a gold-plated quarter is quite minimal, these quarters can still be valuable to coin collectors, especially if they are part of a commemorative edition or are in mint condition. It's essential to research the specific gold-plated quarter you have or are considering buying to understand its potential value.

The Elizabeth quarter

The value of an Elizabeth quarter is contingent on multiple factors such as its minting year, the condition of the coin, and its gold content. Coins minted in special years or limited editions might fetch a higher price due to their rarity. Similarly, coins in excellent or mint condition are usually worth more than those showing signs of wear and tear.

One of the most iconic Elizabeth quarters is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf quarter, minted in .9999 pure gold. The value of such a coin can fluctuate with the gold market price and may also increase if the coin is particularly old or in mint condition.

Buying Elizabeth Quarters

When it comes to buying Elizabeth quarters, it is important to deal with reputable dealers like Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals, who can provide assurance of the authenticity and quality of the coin. They also offer advice and insights into the investment aspects of these quarters, aiding both collectors and investors in making informed decisions.

Collecting Elizabeth Quarters

Elizabeth quarters can be an excellent addition to any coin collection due to their historical significance and the quality of their craftsmanship. Different Commonwealth nations have issued their unique versions of these quarters over the years, offering a rich variety to collectors. Some collectors may focus on acquiring coins from a specific country, while others may strive to collect Elizabeth quarters from all issuing nations.

Investing in Elizabeth Quarters

Investing in gold coins like the Elizabeth quarter can be a strategic move. Not only do these coins carry the intrinsic value of the gold they contain, but they also have the potential to appreciate over time, especially if they are rare or part of a limited edition. It's crucial to keep an eye on the gold market trends and understand the factors that might influence the value of the coin to make the most out of this investment.

In conclusion, Elizabeth quarters represent an intersection of numismatic interest and investment potential. They are valued not only for their gold content but also for their historical and artistic significance. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a beginner, Elizabeth quarters can be a rewarding addition to your portfolio or collection.

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