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Regal Assets Review

Once you decide to invest in precious metals or crypto IRAs, you most likely have a lot of questions. You want to be certain the investment company you select is legitimate and offers fair prices.

Prior to making an investment, I look for a company with a good rating, few to no complaints and willing to answer my questions. Regal Assets met my criteria beautifully. The company offers platinum, gold, palladium and silver. 

You can purchase bullion bars and coins, then store them offshore in an environment both safe and legal. Through my research, I learned Regal Assets is one of the highest quality most popular and prestigious mints in the world.  

Regal Assets have been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Reuters and SmartMoney. I recommend investing in precious metals as opposed to stocks, treasury bonds or mutual funds because volatility is not a factor.  

Who are Regal Assets?

The founder and president of Regal Assets is Tyler Gallagher. The company was founded in 2009 with an investment of $5,000 to make the process of investing in precious metals simpler.

He revitalized and rejuvenated the precious metals market by eliminating the unnecessary bureaucracy and regulatory stumbling blocks. Regal assets is now a successful company with an impeccable reputation. 

What Does Regal Assets Offer?

You can invest in two different types of packages. The first is the Merchant Package which requires a $5,000 investment. I recommend this package if you are interested in an easy liquidation of silver or gold. 

The second is a Knighthood Package, with an investment of $10,000. This package is ideal if you are interested in providing your family with financial coverage. Regal Assets also offers four different gold portfolios. 

The Legacy Portfolio is a $25,000 investment with immediate potential for profit. The $50,000 custom-designed Kingship Portfolio includes investment protection. The Dynasty Portfolio is a $100,000 investment with an excellent return. 

The later offers you stability against economic issues and inflation. Your final option is the Coronation Portfolio for $250,000. This portfolio was created for individuals with a high net worth interested in building wealth for the long term. 

The gold products offered include

  • British Britannia Coin one ounce
  • American Eagle Coin one ounce  
  • South African Krugerrand one ounce
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic one ounce
  • Australian Kangaroo Coin one ounce
  • American Buffalo Coin one ounce
  • American Buffalo Coin one ounce
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin one ounce
  • Islamic 8 Dinars Coin one ounce
  • Chinese Panda one ounce

The silver products offered include

  • British Britannia Coin (one ounce)  
  • Australian Koala Coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle (one ounce)
  • 1 oz Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (10 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (100 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (one kg)

The palladium products offered include

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • PAMP Bar (one ounce) 
  • PAMP Bar (10 ounces)

The platinum products offered include

  • American Eagle Coin (one ounce) 
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Koala Coin (one ounce)

Regal Assets Track Record

Regal Assets has an impeccable track record. I researched the company in numerous ways including Google searches. At the time I wrote this review there were no complaints against Regal Assets, not one. Most of the reviews I read were highly complimentary.

Many of the client reviews recommended the company to fellow investors. I found Regal Assets on the BBB website with an A+ rating. This is the highest rating available through the Better Business Bureau. I found the company to be reputable

Specialises in Gold IRA Rollovers

Regal Assets understands the intricacies of a gold IRA rollover. This expertise is critical to eliminate mistakes including incorrect tax documentation or purchasing coins not approved for an IRA.

These types of errors will cost you as time passes. Approximately 95 percent of the business conducted by Regal Assets is attributed to IRA rollovers from its clientele. You can be certain any investment you make through this company will remain safe. 

Fast Processing Time and Shipping

If you ever decide to take some of your gold from storage, you can do so easily. Only seven days are required for you to receive your coins, bars or bullion at your residence. 

Regal Assets guarantee the time frame for your delivery. If you do not receive your shipment within a seven day period, the company will give you a Silver American Eagle coin at no charge. 

My research into some of the gold investment competitors revealed a minimum shipping period of 15 to 30 days. In some instances, clients waited for a longer period of time to receive their shipments.

Storage and Fees

One of the storage options offered by Regal Assets is in Dubai. This emirate is independent and included in the United Arab Emirates confederation. During the last few years, Dubai has received the nickname of the city of gold.

Dubai has been proven as a top choice globally for storing offshore precious metals including gold within a safe jurisdiction. The storage cost you are offered in Dubai is one of the lowest across the globe. 

Dubai offers you a tax-free status, making it the ideal location for precious metals. Billions of investors all over the world rely on Dubai for storage of coins and bullion in addition to precious metals. 

Regal Assets has established a partnership with Brink's enabling the company to provide you with extremely secure vaults. Your vault will be located in Almas Towers in the Regal Assets building. 

Not only is this building is highly secure, but it is also one of the most prestigious structures currently located in the Middle East. There are numerous benefits for storing your Regal Assets precious metals in Dubai including:  

• Dubai is one of the top global centers for gold trading. Roughly 20 percent of the annual gold production throughout the world is currently managed in Dubai. 

• Dubai offers a distinguished past regarding the construction of technologically advanced infrastructures for businesses, ventures and financial organizations. 

• In 2009, the largest vault facility was built by the DMCC in the United Arab Emirates. 

• This vault was specifically constructed to house precious metals. The latest systems and technology are incorporated to ensure efficient security and inventory management. 

• The vault is located in the Regal Assets office building in Dubai with Brinks as the co-manager. 

• This jurisdiction is one of the least expensive across the globe for secure storage of your purchased gold due to the tax-free status enjoyed by Dubai. 

• If you are interested in using a different jurisdiction for storing your precious metals, storage options are available through Regal Assets and Brinks in safe and highly respected jurisdictions all over the world including:

• Switzerland
• New Zealand
• Singapore
• South Korea
• France
• Hong Kong
• Australia

• Brink's offers its own vaults in all of the above jurisdictions. All of your precious metals will be fully insured in addition to the high level of security. Leading systems and technology are used to continuously monitor these vaults 24/7.

Flat Fees

One of my biggest issues with retirement accounts is the traditional sliding fee scale. This type of scale is expensive, often resulting in expensive storage fees. I am impressed with the flat fees charged by Regal Assets.

The charge for every retirement account is just $250 per year regardless of how much your account is worth. During your first year, all precious metal account fees will be waived including delivery, storage and administrative fees.

You will not be charged any fees until your second year. The storage fees charged by Regal Assets are generally much lower than what other storage companies specializing in precious metals are currently charging. 

Processing Time

I find the fact Regal Assets is among the very few investment companies electronically processing all transactions important. This eliminates the need for you to sign any documents requiring delivery through the mail or in person. 

In addition to making the transfer process a lot faster, many of the issues I have experienced with other companies are eliminated. Since Regal Assets accomplishes everything electronically, you only need to allow 24 hours for a new IRA account. 

The majority of companies I have researched require between five and seven days for a new IRA account to be opened. Money transfers from custodians are completed in a maximum of 48 hours with Regal Assets. 

Most companies require a minimum of one month for the exact same thing. Once your bullion has been acquired and your account is funded, in most cases your items will be shipped by Regal Assets in about a week. 

The only sole investment firm anywhere on the globe able to ship your retirement account within a maximum of one week after funding is Regal Assets. With the majority of other firms, you would have to wait at least a month for your delivery.

Annual Retirement Account Charges

No matter what the value of your Regal Assets retirement account, your annual fee will be $250. Your cost is a combination of the administrative fees of $100 and $150 to separately store your precious metals. 

Storing your precious metals at Brinks ensures everything is fully insured. Since your fees for opening an account, administration, storage and shipment of your precious metals are taken care of for the first year, you will save more than $500.

Most of the investment companies are currently charging their clients for all charges accrued during the first year. Your Regal Asset accounts will never be billed before your second year. 

From this point forward, your only charge is the flat fee of $250 per year. If you are making your investment through Regal Assets with cash, $5,000 is your minimum investment. If you decide to use a bullion account, this amount increases to $10,000.

The Free Gold IRA Kit

If you do not understand the rollover process for a Gold IRA, Regal Assets offers a free Gold Investment kit explaining everything. All you have to do is request this kit. You will also receive a copy of Forbes magazine including a Regal Assets feature.

I enjoyed the documentary I received from the Federal Reserve breaking down the market for Gold IRAs. This enabled me to learn more about my investment. I also received a gold special report discussing the financial crisis of 2008. 

The report explained how this period of time impacted both the silver and gold markets.
Free Kit click here to download

Crypto IRA Kit

This kit can also be requested for free. Although similar to the Gold kit, there is a lot of information regarding digital assets. You also receive the Forbes Magazine listed above and The Rise of Bitcoin DVD.

The DVD is an analysis of the expected global impact of cryptocurrency. The fees and pricing of the Regal Wallet are broken down in this kit.

401(k) Rollovers and IRAs

One of the most unique Regal Assets features I discovered is the process for IRA rollovers. If you already have an IRA, TSP plan, SEP, 403(b) or 401(k), everything can be rolled directly to a Gold IRA.

You need to realize this process is generally fairly complicated due to the amount of effort and paperwork required. Regal Assets does everything possible to make this process as easy as possible for its clients. 

You will not need to call the current custodian for your IRA. This will be taken care of by Regal Assets. You simply tell Regal Assets the specific amount of money you are investing and which specific investments you want to purchase. 

Once the company has this information, the rest will be taken care of on your behalf by Regal Assets.

Crypto IRA or Regal Wallet

The sister company of Regal Assets is the Regal Wallet. This is where all cryptocurrency business is handled. Your crypto will be held in cold storage by Regal Wallet for the long term.

Due to the relative newness of cryptocurrency, the speculation is that crypto is currently undervalued. This is different than the steady price of gold. I believe cryptocurrency is an excellent investment for something with the potential to become huge. 

If you are interested in an investment containing both digital assets and hard assets, I encourage you to consider a Regal IRA. The first alternate assets IRA established anywhere in the world is a Regal IRA. 

You can invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals simultaneously. I have found this investment vehicle to be on the cutting edge with very few options close to comparable. 

How Do I Invest with Regal Assets?

Your first step is qualifying for a gold IRA. The requirements of Regal Assets are an existing 401(k)capable of being moved to them. You have two different options, with the first one very obvious.

Your existing IRA can be transferred into a gold IRA. You can do this at any time but Regal Assets requires your transfer to take place between two custodians. This means your distribution check must be made out to your new custodian. 

This is the custodian your existing IRA is being transferred to. Your second option is removing your distribution from your current IRA prior to depositing the funds into your new IRA. 

If you do not accomplish this within a period of 60 days, you may have to pay penalties and taxes. In order to retain all your previous IRA benefits, you must not take this action more than once for every 12 calendar months. 

This is even more important is your IRA is associated with taxes. 

Regal Assets Pros & Cons


  • Best rankings within the industry  
  • Flat fee model as opposed to scaled
  • Client-friendly
  • Multiple options for storage
  • Excellent client feedback
  • Growth potential is ensured for your investments
  • Wide range of available bullion products
  • Offers a good buy-back program
  • Does not charge exorbitant rates
  • All annual fees are waived during your first year


  • A minimum investment of $5,000 is required  


Regal Assets is trusted by dozens of businesses and hundreds of individuals all over the United States. The Better Business Bureau has given Regal Assets the best possible rating of A+.

The company has received endorsements from several high-profile individuals. I have found proof Regal Assets is officially listed as a United States Mint retailer. In my opinion, all of this proves the company is legitimate. 

I believe an IRA backed with either silver or gold is a solid investment if you are concerned about protecting your money from inflation. If you are not opposed to slightly increasing your risk for potentially higher returns, consider crypto. 

Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin are excellent investment additions. I recommend investing in Regal Assets because the company is reliable and worthy of your trust. If you do not understand the risks involved, you should conduct your own research. 

Every investment has some risk, but in my opinion, Regal Assets offers one of the most solid investment opportunities currently available.

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