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Retirement plans often pose as ordeals for the majority of the modern era populace. However, that does not have to be the case if you understand how to protect your future with the help of powerful investment plans.

Protecting your retirement plan and your future with precious metals is an excellent option in today’s world.
Noble Gold Investments is a brilliant retirement portfolio using precious metal and gold. Moreover, it is a full-service IRA firm that can help you secure your future. In this guide, you will learn why you should choose this option over others.
Moreover, you will also learn how to properly utilize this investment plan, the benefits, and what it offers. In addition, you will also learn how this investment opportunity can not only help you make a wise decision but offer a secure retirement life free of any worries. Let’s take a look.

What Is Noble Gold Investments?

As the first and the only gold storage in Texas, Noble Gold Investments is a full-service IRA firm that offers an exciting opportunity to enhance your retirement portfolio. Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume formed this company for the sole purpose of utilizing precious metals for long-term investment opportunities. It is safe to say that this is not only a unique idea but also a beneficial one.
The basic foundation behind this idea if the high amount of profiteering in the precious metal market. Additionally, the lack of clear transparency and the business gap allowed these lifelong friends to tap into the market and formulate a unique investment plan for the audiences.
This is not another pyramid scheme or a vain investment plan. Instead, it is an effective method of wealth preservation with the help of precious metals. The plan comes with metal storage facilities, and buyers can buy and preserve their wealth for as long as they want without any worries.
You do not have to worry about gathering enough investment for this plan as well. You can rollover your existing retirement plan or 401k plan and get free precious metals IRA. Furthermore, you can get free and fast deliveries to your home at affordable prices. The plan also comes with a no-quibble buyback program to help you get through tough situations in the future.
Noble Gold Investments reviews

Fast Summary

Minimum Investment: $2,000

Fees: $225/year

Promotion: Quality buyback program

Why Should You Choose A Noble Gold Investments Plan?

Nothing is sacred or secure in this modern world. Living from pay cheque to pay cheque has become an ordeal for the common man. However, the one thing that keeps them going is the retirement life.
Everyone plans a beautiful retirement life on some crystal clear beach with a margarita in their hands. Therefore, you need to be prepared in advance to enjoy an amazing retirement plan for your future.

This is where Noble Gold Investments plans steps in to save the day.
If you decide to go with any other retirement plans, such as a 401k plan or a cash-based retirement plan, you will have to worry about the ever-growing inflation rate and the stock market uncertainty. These are among the major elements that pose a threat to your retirement plans and can easily derail your current investment plan in a single day.

When the stock market reaches its all-time low or hits a stag, it quickly results in unbearable low prices and a minimum return-on-investment on your cash-based retirement plans.
On the other hand, the precious metals market has always grown in the opposite direction of the stock market. When the stock market is at an all-time low, the precious metals market grows to a significant level.

Economic Uncertainty

Moreover, economic uncertainty also results in a drop in your cash-based investment plan's ROI. We are currently going through a difficult era of pandemic-oriented business changes. Corona Virus has ultimately resulted in plummeting our economy and has forced us to make ends meet with intense hard work. It has also had a huge negative impact on cash-based investment plans and 401k plans.

However, the precious metals market has seen a significant boost in terms of gold and silver investments. Therefore, these precious metals can easily help you take care of your investments and keep your retirement money safe and secure without worrying about the economic downfall.
If you decide to go with the Noble Gold Investments Precious Metals IRA plan, you will be protected against any stock market uncertainty or economic downfall. You will also be protected against inflation ratios, and your precious metals will not have to suffer from any economic and monetary degradation.

Investing in Gold & Silver

This is why investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals can help you preserve your wealth into the future and keep your retirement secure. This plan offers you amazing security for your investments as it is a tax-efficient way to secure your retirement plans and your future.
Since Noble Gold Investments is a full-service IRA firm, you will not have to pay any additional taxes on the capital gains from your precious metals investment plan. You will be able to enjoy your money without any additional taxes. You get to enjoy your money into the future, and you will not have to pay any additional taxes on selling or buying additional precious metals from the company.

Therefore, having precious metals in your retirement plan will definitely add more money to your future and let you enjoy all the modern amenities without worrying about inflation or economic downfall.
This is where a Noble Gold Investments Plan takes the lead and offers a better and a tax-efficient method of preserving your wealth and retirement plan as compared to other cash-based investment and retirement plans in the market right now.

All the other cash-based plans are vulnerable to economic downfalls and uncertainty. These plans grow and fall according to the inflation ratio in the market. When it comes to precious metals, you will not have to worry about any growth or fall of the market, and your precious metals will grow consistently into the future.
Moreover, these are tax-free investment plans, so you do not have to worry about paying any additional tax to the IRA. This is why a Noble Gold Investment Plan is the best investment plan and retirement option in the market right now.

What Are the Different Options by Noble Gold Investments?

Noble Gold Investments currently offers four unique IRA approved plans at your disposal. These options will help you decide your buying choices depending on your current investment reach and financial grasp. These IRA approved plans include:
Gold IRA
Silver IRA
Platinum IRA
Palladium IRA

Service Type

Investment Minimum

Annual Fee

Gold IRA



Silver IRA



Royal Survival Packs



What Are The Perks of Choosing A Noble Gold Investment Plan??

If you are interested in learning more about the perks associated with a Noble Gold Investments plan, here are some things that you should know.

Minimum Investment Amount

If you have already browsed through the different options in the market, you should know that the majority of the modern era precious metals investment companies offer a really high minimum investment amount for you.
Therefore, if you only have a limited amount of cash on you right now and want to take advantage of precious metal investment options, a Noble Gold Investments plan would be perfect for you.
The minimum investment amount is USD 2,000 for Gold and Silver IRA plans. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a Royal Survival Pack that contains a combination of hand-picked precious metals, the lowest investment amount is USD 5,000.
Of course, there are other options with a high minimum investment amount, but this is the minimum investment amount for the majority of the case. So, anyone can get started on securing their future with just USD 2,000 in their pocket.

Low Annual Maintenance Fees

If you are familiar with other investment plans in the market, you should know that they ask a really high amount for the maintenance of your assets. This is where Noble Gold Investments step in and save the day by offering a minimum maintenance annual fees of USD 225.
So, if you decide to go with a Noble Gold Investments option, some of the companies will also waive their annual fees if you decide to deposit an amount of at least USD 50,000.

Affordable Pricing

Since Noble Gold Investments comes with a wide network of providers, you will have the option to browse through hundreds of different precious metal providers and choose the one that better suits your requirements. This is how you can also enjoy affordable rates for precious metals and Gold or Silver IRA plans for your retirement.

The Quick Buyback Program

We have all been through some tough times. There are times when one requires instant cash for a rainy day. This is why Noble Gold Investments is a perfect option for you as it offers an amazing buyback program that will allow you to quickly liquidate your precious metals without any questioning or a long process.
This is how you can invest and save your money for the future and can also easily buy back your money without having to go through an ordeal-ish process.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Noble Gold Investments?

 While Noble Gold Investments is an excellent opportunity for securing your future and your retirement plans, you should be familiar with the pros and cons of this option. Let’s take a look at the pros first.

The Pros and Cons of Using Noble Gold Investments?


  • It is a relatively new company and was founded in 2017. 
  • There are no international storage options. The only depositories are in Texas and Delaware.


  • The initial sign-up process is quite quick as compared to other options.  .
  • Outstanding client ratings on various platforms .
  • The minimum investment amounts are affordable for the majority of people..
  • The storage is highly secure and segregated.
  • You can get unlimited access to trusted IRA-approved advisors.
  • It has an A+ rating with BBB.

What Customers Saying About Noble Gold Investments?

Noble Gold Investments has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) based on factors such as financial market stability, trustworthiness, and how long in business. 

As of August 2020, it has a 5 out of 5-star top rating on Consumer Affairs based on 70 plus reviews and a 5 out of 5-star rating with Trust Link based on over 122 reviews.

What Is The Bottom Line Here?

Protect Your Retirement today with a Gold IRA Account

Noble Gold offers you a Free educational packed easy to read gold guide to help you learn lots more about your precious metals and investing, and informs you about their entire ordering process from start to finish. Click linked button below to get the Free guide.

Noble Gold Investments was founded on the idea of educating the customers

Noble Gold Investments was founded on the idea of educating the customers about their investment choices and helping them with their precious metals investment options. Moreover, the core mission of the company is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for unique buyers. This is why Noble Gold Investments takes the lead and offers safe options at your disposal.
It has low minimum investments that allow for maximum diversity among different income classes. Additionally, the yearly maintenance fee is quite low as compared to other options in the market. In the last three years, the company has gained quite a positive reputation among the customers, and all the buyers highly recommend this option.

  • Minimum Investment Amount: Noble Gold is top dog for the lowest investment amount. 
  • Annual Fees: Noble Gold’s fees are in line with other alternatives. 
  • Rollover Process: Noble Gold has the easiest process by far. 
  • Customer Service: All of the companies Ive reviewed are in line with each other for exceptional customer service 
  • Term In Business: The setback for Noble Gold Investments is that it’s a new company. Started in2017. 

Starting Your Investment Today With Noble

Complete guide on how to get started with Noble today

Step 1.

To contact the customer support representative Click Here to start your account proccess firstly fill in the enquiry box and the support agent will contact you ASAP

Step 2.

After you have contacted the customer support representative by leaving your name and contact details you will receive your Free Nobble guide to investing followed by a courtesy call from the Noble representative to see how Noble can help with your enquiry. 

Step 3.

After talking with the Noble representative and you are pleased with what Noble are proposing and wish to continue. The Noble IRA Specialist will ask you for more information required to complete your application.

The Precious Metals You Can Buy From Noble Gold?

Noble Gold offers the its customers the most sought after quality precious metals from across the four categories: silver - gold - platinum, and palladium.

Let’s find out more about these metals. 


Gold Offered

Gold Coins

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle Proof

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Australian Gold Kangaroo

Gold Bars

Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna 

Pamp Suisse 100 GM 

Perth Mint 1 oz 

I Kilo Gold Bar

4 Piece Set Proof Gold American Eagle


Silver Offered

Silver Coins

5 oz America the Beautiful Silver

1 oz American Silver Eagle

1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo

1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic

1 KG Australian 

1 oz Highland Mint Silver Round

1 oz American Silver Eagle Proof

Silver Bars

5 oz Highland Mint 

1921 Morgan AU Silver Dollar

Pre-1921 Morgan AU

10 oz Republican Metals 

1 oz Rand Refinery 

100 oz Republic Metals 


Platinum Offered


American Platinum Eagle Coins

1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf


Baird & Co Platinum 


Palladium Offered


American Platinum Eagle

1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf


Baird & Co Platinum Bars


After you have completed your Goldco application you will be contacted by your dedicated account Executive who will advise and help you choose the best precious metal to transfer to your IRA Account.

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