Lexi Capital Gold Investment Review

    Lexi Capital Investment Review

    Lexi Capital has a wide range of coins in its custody. Some of the coins it sells include special editions, numismatics and semi-numismatics. A beginner would be interested in investing with this company due to the fact that it lays more emphasis on the difference between investing and collecting. Compared to its highly experienced competitors, Lexi Capital is considered to be new in the IRA industry dealing with precious metals. The company has a website that is simple yet detailed. On it, you will find a chart for all the precious metals it deals with. There are no distractions, meaning that the user experience is just amazing.

    The company’s founders were triggered to form it after a realisation of the need and great investment potential realised in working with precious metals. Through studies on inflation, they had an understanding of the negative effects of inflation on the value of tangible items. This is, therefore, a company that was formed after a realisation that investing in precious metals was the only best way of protecting wealth from depreciating in value over time.

    One of the major services provided at Lexi Capital is a Gold Assurance Plan. This is a type of service that was triggered by the need to work with the precious metals rather than any other unstable physical items. The company targets to reach retail customers with its services.

    BCA gives Lexi Capital a double-A (AA) rating for its services. It has however not received many complaints from its clients over the past 3 years. This is very impressive and increases customer confidence regarding the company’s services. This is probably the main reason why it has an A+ rating on BBB’s website. There are so many other websites that give the company a commendable rating. One of these websites is TrustLink which gives it a 5 rating from a few reviews. Another website is Google+ which also gives it a 5-star rating.