February 22


Is Goldco A Legitimate Company?

By Steven Hernandez

February 22, 2022


In the tumultuous financial times we live in, many people are looking for a way to diversify their assets and protect them from possible future plights. Gold has been a traditional investment vehicle since the dawn of civilization, and while its value has fluctuated throughout history, it is relatively safe from inflationary forces that have ruined currencies over time. Many Americans have flocked to gold IRAs as an alternative to volatile investments like real estate or stocks.

Goldco founder

Goldco Precious Metals was founded in California in 2005 by Trevor Gerszt with the stated mission of bringing precious metals into the portfolios of individuals and institutions Since then they've become one of the world's largest dealers in physical gold and silver, as well as a leading IRA custodian. Goldco benefits from a low overhead model that provides cheaper premiums than its competitors since their CEO founded the company on his own accord with no outside investors or financial backers. They now have dozens of nationwide branches.

Is GOLDCO  A Legitimate Company?

Goldco has been featured in Fox Business News, Yahoo! Small Business Advisor , Forbes Magazine, The Street, Market Watch and other national publications as a legitimate leader in precious metals sales . Their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is based on zero closed complaints within the past three years – an achievement given how difficult it is to get the BBB to remove a negative complaint even if it's false. Complainants typically need to prove it was the company, not the customer, who committed wrongdoing.


Goldco has an A+ rating with Business Consumer Alliance based on positive reviews .

The bottom line is that Goldco appears to be a legitimate company run by a CEO who is passionate about making gold ownership available to everyone through lower costs and attractive incentives for IRA accounts. They feature some of the lowest premiums in the industry and offer free shipping and insurance on all purchases above $2,500. They also package coins in tubes of 20 which reduce breakage during shipment and handling compared to bulkier coin bags or monster boxes. For those looking to diversify into gold as part of their investment strategy, they're worth consideration as an alternative to larger firms.


Be sure to read up on customers reviews and complaints online before making any decisions! If a company is not legitimate then it will eventually come out in the open when you need service or support. Avoid companies that cannot produce an address or phone number readily available for customer contact. Is GOLDCO A Legitimate Company you can also check with organizations like ConsumerAffairs, BCA and BBB for any false allegations against the business and inquire about their lawsuit records (if any). Finally, be very wary of websites who claim to publish reports on fraudulent companies but offer pricey subscriptions in order to access them; these are likely bogus sites meant only for generating revenue.

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