January 17


Best Gold Coins To Invest In 2022

By Steven Hernandez

January 17, 2022

Gold Coins

An insight into the best Gold bars for identifying some of today's top gold bullion coins.
Knowing about the top 5 coins for investors is a helpful set of knowledge as a coin collector. These Gold coins not only offer something extra within numismatic markets but also make the best investments to keep your capital safe and grow it.
With Gold going through a bull phase right now, these are the five gold bullion options you should be looking


American Buffalo 

The edition was initially launched back in 2006 after receiving congressional approval, making it one of the rarest modern-day gold coins ever produced by The United States Mint.

It has since become trendy among investors thanks to its stunning design and pure Gold not to mention it also comes in one-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce coins.

The coins run at about 100,000 annually and currently sell for around $1,500 (or £960) each.

24 karats pure Gold American Buffalo Coin

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Mexican 50 Pesos Gold Coin

A very similar coin to the American Buffalo edition, this bullion coin is known as The Finest Known Investment Grade Gold Coin. Casa de Moneda de Mexico produces it, initially founded back in 1535 after a request from Spain's King Carlos I.
Because the Mexican 50 Pesos ($50) Gold Coins are designed with collectors in mind, too, they come covered in unique artwork that's incredibly rare to find on any other bullion coin.

With a 99.9 percent pure gold content, the Mexican 50 Pesos Gold coins are highly in demand by investors and collectors alike due to their annual limited mintage of just 1,000!

Canadian Maple Leaf 

 24 karats pure Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin


Established in 1979. The Royal Canadian Mint has since become known for producing high-quality coins, including its famous maple leaf bullion series, which consists of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf ($50) Coin. .999 fine gold 24 carat alloyed with copper makes this coin one of the finest ever made available to buy, while the said exquisite design is engraved onto each side of these Gold Coins.

South African Krugerrand 

22 karats pure Gold South African Krugerrand.


One of the best Gold bullion coins ever made, the South African Krugerrand ($50) Coin remains a favourite among investors and collectors alike thanks to its one-ounce 22 karats (.9167 fine) pure gold content, which the South African government guarantees.
The minting process also adds just 16 parts alloy, which helps to enhance the Gold coin's natural beauty while protecting it from damage - making these some of the best gold bars you can buy in 2016!

Australian Kangaroo

Australian Kangaroo 24 karats pure Gold $100 Coin


Australia has always been known for producing high-quality gold bullion coins, and its One Ounce Kangaroo ($100) Gold Coins are no exception.
With a 22 carat (.9999 fine) 99.99 percent pure gold content and a different alloy of silver and copper, the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins come in one ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce denominations which makes them very popular with collectors, especially for their annual limited mintage of just 300,000!

Only you can decide what type of Gold bullion works best for your investment portfolio. Still, suppose you would like to get involved in collecting some modern numismatic rarities before they skyrocket in value over time. We recommend checking out our range of gold bars today.

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins 

Austrian Philharmonic pure 24 karat Gold Coin


Featuring a face value of 100 Euro.
Created in conjunction with Austria's world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Gold Coins remain one of the most attractive investments in the bullion market thanks to their 99.9 percent pure 24-karat.

 Gold alloyed with copper and silver.
Comes covered in unique artwork from one year to another!

American Eagle Gold Coins 

American Eagle 24 karats pure Gold $50 Coin


Established back in 1986, the US' American Eagle Gold Coins were one of the first-ever bullion coins to be made anywhere in the world, and they remain just as popular today. With a 22 karat (.9167 fine) 99.99 percent pure gold content, these Gold Coins are known to be some of the most beautiful pieces around, which helps explain why their annual mintage is always so limited!

Argentine Libertad Gold Coins

Argentine Libertad 24 karats pure $50 Gold Coin


The famous Argentinean Libertad Gold Coins have been produced by the Casa de Moneda de la Republica Argentina since 1982, making them one of South America's longest-running bullion coins. They are now exclusively available from the Sunshine Mint in the United States, which has added a unique feature to their annual mintage limit as they can now also be special ordered in silver!

  • $50 Coin Gold Bullion

All of these Gold Coins make for great additions to your Gold bullion investments as they have been specifically chosen due to their high-quality pure gold content with low alloy, fine finishes, limited mintages, and attractive designs. All of these factors will help protect your investment portfolio while drawing plenty of interest from numismatists and investors alike!

Gold Bullion Bars

Only you can decide what type of Gold bullion works best for your investment portfolio. Still, suppose you would like to get involved in collecting some modern numismatic rarities before they skyrocket in value over time. We recommend checking out our range of gold bars today.

Why Invest in Gold Coins?

Investing in Gold Bullion is a long-term investment strategy that offers tangible value that easily outperforms other currency forms. There are many reasons to invest in Gold, including its rarity, portability, intrinsic value, ability to be divided into smaller units, and universal recognition.

Gold Bullion is highly resistant to economic swings, making it a very safe investment, especially during these uncertain times. Gold Bullion can act as "insurance" against inflation or broader financial problems that may cause other investments to stagnate or plummet in value.

Gold prices tend to increase when the US dollar drops in value.
In addition, Gold has been known from ancient times as a symbol of wealth and power, making it a sort of "currency". It was the first form of money in recorded history!

Gold's high value-to-weight ratio also makes it easy to trade large quantities without too much loss in weight and bulkiness while still being able to hold a and much more, but if you would like to discover what makes Gold so unique, then check out our blog post "Why To Invest In Gold?

Where You Can Buy Gold Coins

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