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By Steven Hernandez

March 16, 2017

Please find below all the latest Gold IRA Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Gold custodian

The IRS requires that you should use a gold custodian administer to track the assets in your IRA investment account – a Precious Metals IRA account is no different to the latter.

  • How can I roll over my existing IRA investment Gold IRA

Open a new Regal Assets Precious Metals IRA account. Then we will advise you on finding your new account with the assets in your existing IRA – there will be no penalties involved.

Once your funds are transferred to your new Regal Assets IRA account, you will be provided with resources to select your precious metals. Regal Assets Precious Metals will be there to advise you through every step of the process, which typically takes about 10-14 working days.

  • Do You include Only Physical Gold

You can include Gold silver and other metals such as Platinum, Palladium for your IRA.

  • Restrictions are on the Precious Metals to be purchased?

Only Gold and other precious metals such as platinum, Silver, Palladium for your IRA.

  • Are You Allowed to Transfer or Rollover your Existing IRA?

Yes, you can. Any type of investment retirement plan can be rolled over to your gold IRA.

  • Are you Forced in any way to Transfer over Your Existing Plan

No, you can without any doubt transfer as much as you want.

  • Can You be Taxed when Transferring?

No, you are not taxed and no penalties will apply when you transfer a traditional IRA to a gold IRA.

  • Can Fees Be very Expensive?

The fees are not expensive. They generally depend on the amount of money being transferred. Usually, the cost is somewhere in the region of $250. Also, take into account the storage fees which can be around 1% of the total value of the IRA. However, some dealers don’t charge for the first year, if you transfer more than ten thousand dollars.

  • Where do I Sign Up to get my free Gold investment advice kit?

To get access to the best free advice from a Goldco custodian, and receive your free Gold investment kit. You can sign up hereyou will then receive your free complete gold IRA advice kit at no charge.

Click here for your Free Gold IRA Kit.

  • What does an IRA Transfer mean?

If you have an IRA account but want to reap the benefits of an IRA backed with physical gold and precious metals than you can transfer your investment assets from your existing IRA to a Gold and Silver IRA account.

The IRA allows you to transfer all or part of your assets from your existing IRA to your new IRA. The transaction is made with your existing custodian and your new approved custodian.

When you make a transfer, there are no taxes or penalties, as it is not looked upon as distribution. Therefore, you have not received any assets or funds during the transfer process. The transfer is very simple and should be straight-foreword, and Regal Assets Gold’s IRA specialists are always available to guide you through the IRA Account Form and details.

  • How long should one hold the precious metals in an IRA?

Gold has a proven record when it comes to holding its value even during periods of economic recession. The demand for Gold is great and only increases as to the demand for assets, like equities, Also when bonds and real estate decreases.

Gold as a solid long-term investment, and provides investors with a level of trust and confidence knowing that their IRA account is backed with physical Gold and Silver.

Through history, precious metals have always outperformed other assets such as stocks shares, bonds and mutual funds. Therefore, it is an advised plan to hold physical precious metals in your IRA account for at least 5 years. To get higher returns, keeping ownership of the Gold for 5-10 years is considered to be the optimum approach.

  • How much of my savings and worth should be in invested precious metals

With current levels of volatility and uncertainty, numerous investment experts say you have 10-35% of your wealth in physical solid precious metals.

It is the best method of diversification that is very important. We all lived the crash back in 2008, investments on paper do not prevent overnight losses in your portfolio.

With diversification, multiple assets, and precious metals, particularly physical Gold and Silver, can be the most reliable assets to fight against the crash of all paper investments.

Do I get possession of my IRA Gold?

Regal Assets has developed an approved strategy that allows individuals to take possession of their IRA metals. Please contact us for details on the Goldco code of practice.

According to the Government USA. tax code, most IRA assets must stay in the security of the IRA’s Gold custodian until distribution is completed. This would mean if you purchase precious metals such as Gold and Silver, then you are not allowed to take full possession of your goods until retirement age.

Your Gold and Silver has to be deposited into one approved storage facilities in the nation.

Goldco has storage for each of its clients; so the bullion coins that you purchased are distributed and not mingled – into a different individual Goldco client secure vault.

You are entitled to visit your assets at any point in time to inspect your Gold.

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