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Regal Assets vs Birch Gold Group

Regal Assets v Birch Gold Group. When protecting your retirement fund against inflation and market volatility, a gold-based IRA is one of the best options you can find. Also called precious metals. A gold IRA is a self-directed retirement reserve that lets you invest in precious metals like physical gold, platinum, and silver.

One of the significant benefits of a gold IRA(individual retirement account) is that you will not have to bother about the market's ups and downs.

Gold is a highly stable asset, and a gold IRA offers a stable, secure place for your retirement money. Gold has a long record of stability and is one of the only investments considered a reliable store of value. 

That's why a precious metals IRA has proven to be one of the most suitable ways to keep your money for the future.

Unlike a standard IRA account, which can effortlessly be set up by most investors, setting up a gold IRA investment account is a little more complex and involves a few moving parts. That is why many investors rely on reliable gold IRA companies to ease the process.

 Even if you already have an IRA or 401k that maintains bonds and stocks, gold IRA corporations can assist you in converting your paper assets into gold coins and bullion using a gold IRA rollover process.

 However, not all gold IRA firms are created equal. Some are transparent and reputable, while others can be a pain in the ass with hidden fees that add up over time.

 Finding a suitable gold IRA company to operate with is the only issue. Many choices are available, especially if you are just starting; you might not even know which factor to consider.

Regal Assets v Birch Gold Group Comparison Review

Have no fear, though! In this guide, I have reviewed two of the best gold IRA firms in the industry to guide your decision process. I rated each gold IRA company on various factors, including reputation, minimum investment, storage options, annual fees, fee structures, precious metal selection, customer support levels, and gold IRA reviews.

If you are bent on protecting your retirement with precious metals, Regal Assets v Birch Gold Group are the two of the best gold IRA providers of the year.

Regal Assets
Regal Assets

Regal Assets - Best for Range of Assets that Includes Precious Metals and Crypto Investments.

   Regal Asset's - primary audience is investors interested in                                                   growing and protecting their wealth.

The company has been in business for a decade and has a strong reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and world-class storage options. More than gold IRA's investment, they also offer other precious metals such as silver, palladium, and platinum - making them a solid choice for anyone interested in expanding their investment portfolio later in the future.

 According to the organization, its goal is to rejuvenate and simplify the Gold IRA market. Regal IRA, their special package, allows you to diversify your gold investment into precious metals or crypto, an upcoming De-Fi industry investment class. 

Like others in this market, it partners with the Brinks company to offer storage for clients' most valuable assets. 

Reputed with an AAA grade by the Business Consumer Alliance, you can rest assured that you make a great choice when investing with Regal Assets precious metals.

Customer Satisfaction.

Regal Assets is new in the business compared to its competitors, but it has received some impressive accolades since its recent inception. 

 There's a massive list of satisfied ratings on some of the most trusted customer rating sites, and almost all the reviewing customers emphasized the friendly and white-glove customer support.

 Even when there are customer reports, they always take care of the issues and respond to the problem as swiftly as possible. By all standards, they are very fast when answering questions or responding to complaints. 

 Furthermore, Regal Assets has a very satisfactory reputation for having been in operation for a decade. They have been listed on Forbes and received glowing mentions in major financial stories, including SmartMoney and many others. 

  Rating: 4.9/5.

Fees and Expenses.

Regal Assets is in accordance with their competitors regarding their fee structure. Although, they are not the best in this category. You should budget up to $250 yearly for storage, $150 for segregated storage, and a final $100 for a custodial fee. 

Their minimum initial deposit for gold IRA investment of $10,000

Storage Options:

Regal Assets partners with Brinks as their preferred custodian for gold IRA storage; Brinks is one of the industry's most secure depository companies. 

 They also offer a group of segregated storage opportunities, making them a great option if you have a unique precious metal you want to preserve.

See There Full Review Or Visit The Regal Assets Website


Birch Gold Group - Best Choice For Beginners and Responsive Customer Supports.

Gold Birch Group Logo


If you know about the gold IRA industry, you must have heard about Birch Gold Group. 

Birch has been in business for nearly 20 years. They have a tailor-fit section for gold IRA customers, targeted primarily at offering high-quality training courses and consultations. 

In addition, they are open 24-7, so you can reach them anytime and get a response to your question. 

More so on gold, Birch also deals with silver, palladium, and platinum-based retirement investments. Even when you start with a gold IRA, Birch's range of options makes them a good pick if you plan to diversify your assets in the future. 

 Moreover, one cannot underestimate their commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term asset preservation.

Customer Satisfaction.

Birch Gold Group is famous for one thing in the industry, and that is providing excellent customer support. They have invested in an entire team of experts, all of whom are professionals with experience in the market and ready to yield to your needs. Birch Group also make sure that their customers are well-informed. 

 Every client is assigned a professional financial consultant who's always within reach to meet the client's needs; he will guide you on everything from your initial asset to your portfolio's management. The company also provides free training to ensure you understand the fundamentals of gold IRA investment and how to leverage it to your good.

 In terms of the service, Birch Gold Group has a unique digital platform where you can access your investments, monitor your portfolio, and receive reports. You can download the reports to your computer if you want to and then use the reports to create your customized portfolios.

Rating: 4.9/5.

Fees and Expenses.

Unlike the earlier option, the Birch Gold Group setup fee for a gold IRA account is a measly $50. There is an extra $30 to transfer your fund; then, you can pay $100 yearly for storage and $80 annually for the custodial management fee.

 However, if your initial deposit is up to $50,000, Birch Gold Group will waive those fees; that's one exciting thing about Birch Gold.

Birch Gold Group's minimum gold IRA investment is $10,000, which is less than its competitors. 

 If you're curious about the fees and want to get to the root of the matter, you can ask them more about the fees online. They might be able to tell you if there are hidden fees.

Rating: 4.8/5.

Storage Options:

There are two fundamental storage options when working with the Birch Gold Group - Brink's Global Services or Delaware Depository. 

 Many gold IRA providers use the Delaware Depository standard gold depository. In contrast, Brink's Global Services is occupied by an army of armoured vehicles transporting your gold. 

 That's the same company many banks and high-priced jewelers employ to run their merchandise. They're mobile, secure, and headquartered at several locations in major U.S. cities. 

 Best of all, both companies assume entire liability for any damage or loss of your precious assets, so you can rest assured of working with them when dealing with the Birch Gold Group.

 Rating: 5/5


Conclusively, choosing a better gold IRA company will assist you in taking advantage of this opportunity while protecting your investments.

You can learn more about these companies when you request a free consultation and engage with their staff. These two companies are both beneficial and highly recommended. However, do your research and, if necessary, find a consultant to talk to for advice.

To wrap it up, based on the companies overall star rating and performance the better option is the Birch Gold Group. With them, you will be on your way to safeguarding your financial future when you choose to invest in them. but at the same time Regal Assets is still a great company to deal with personally I would contact both with a prepared list of questions ready to be answered.

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