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 Goldco Precious Metals vs Birch Gold Group

In order to secure your retirement future, investing in gold is the best way to diversify your funds, shield your retirement portfolio, protect your savings, and include stable assets in your portfolio that are less prone to severe market fluctuations. 

 While most IRA - Individual Retirement Accounts consist of traditional assets such as bonds and stocks, the tax code allows you to use self-directed IRA accounts to hold precious metals such as silver and gold.

 Gold has little volatility and steady growth compared to stocks and bonds, making it an ideal hedge against inflation. But owning a portfolio of gold, as simple as it might sound, has its pitfalls.

 If you are an amateur investor unable to distinguish a reputable company from a suspicious one, you will likely end up worse than you started. Therefore, it would be logical to investigate, compare and contrast different Gold IRA companies operating in the market before you venture into it.

 Setting up a gold IRA can be overwhelming because you must find a gold IRA custodian, locate an approved depository to reserve your gold, and navigate the IRS tax rules on gold IRA investments. That's why most investors count on reputable gold IRA providers to help simplify the process.

 The best gold IRA providers have consultants who specialize in self-directed retirement investments and can support you in acquiring precious metals, setting up your account, and remaining compliant with the IRS code.

 Whether you're trying to buy precious metals to diversify your investment asset or to convert an existing retirement into a gold IRA, it would be essential to understand the essence of the companies providing the service. It will help if you learn the quantum of investments and expenses before deciding to invest.

 In my quest to assist you with such decision-making, I've researched and compared two of the best Gold IRA firms available in the market and presented the relevant and essential details below. The leading providers I will compare in this article are – Birch Gold Group and Goldco Precious Metals.

Introduction: Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is a leader in the market of precious metals business. The company was founded in 2003 by Michael Howell, situated in Burbank, California, with a workforce made up of a vibrant team of highly experienced financial managers, advisors, and brokers committed to providing world-standard solutions for alternative investments.

 Birch Gold Group provides full-scope and unique offerings in the world of precious metals. As a dependable and trusted precious metals provider, Birch Gold Group helps investors diversify, grow, and secure their retirement portfolio and financial assets by planning for retirement, buying and selling bullion, and securely storing precious metal assets.

Introduction: Goldco Precious Metals

Goldco Precious Metals, or Goldco, based in Woodland Hills, California, was founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt. Since then, the provider has become one of the best gold IRA providers in the field of precious metal assets. The company deals full-time in precious metals and aims to assist investors to grow, diversify, and secure their retirement portfolios and financial investments with precious metals.

 The company offers multiple solutions related to precious metals, like buy and sell. With Goldco, you get world-standard metal IRA services, including setting up an IRA account, funding the IRA account, and rollover.

Goldco and Birch Gold Group, Which is Better?

Firstly, an excellent precious metal IRA provider will only associate with a reputable custodian. Besides, this your chosen provider must be able to assist you in selecting the right depository.

Solutions Offered: Birch Gold Group.

Birch Gold Group provides its customers with full-fledged solutions in precious metals, including silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. This package includes setting up a Gold IRA account, sourcing, buying, and selling precious metals physically.

Furthermore, Birch Gold Group customers can diversify funds by buying precious physical metals. After purchase, you can store your finances in verified precious metal investments like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. As it is typical for investors to hold their investment in silver or gold assets, you might choose to keep yours as platinum or palladium assets – which are more scarce and hence more valuable.

 Suppose you prefer to store your funds in bullion or gold coins, you will get options like Gold gyrfalcon, American buffalo gold coin, Australian gold nugget, Gold "rose crown" guinea, CombiBars, Krugerrand, Canadian gold maple leaf, Australian gold kangaroo, Indian head eagle, Liberty head double eagle, Gold polar bear & cub coin, Vienna Philharmonic, American eagle coins, Saint-Gaudens double eagle, Gold Twin Maples.

To invest in silver coins or bullion. Birch Gold Group lets you access the following: Canadian silver polar bear and cub, Silver gyrfalcon coin, Walking liberty half dollar, Libertad, Canadian maple leaf silver bullion coin, Canadian silver twin maple coin, Peace dollar, Silver bars, Silver rounds, America the Beautiful silver bullion coin, American silver eagle, Morgan dollar, American silver eagle, Australian Kookaburra silver coin, Silver rose crown guinea.

 Birch Gold Group offers some exciting options for clients that are more inclined toward platinum; the options are: American Platinum Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Koala coin, Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, etc.

 The company accepts verified rounds and bars for investors with more association with palladium and the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf. See Birch Gold Full Review

Solutions Offered: Goldco.

Goldco operation has been grouped into Gold IRA and precious metals company. When you join Goldco, you will receive a complete investment pack for precious metals that covers precious metals IRA, non-IRA marketplace, and SDIRA for precious metals.

 With Goldco's precious metals IRA kit, you can start and fund your silver or gold IRA package. This offers you benefits like asset and wealth diversification, enhanced IRS rates, terms, and a shield against financial disruptions associated with volatile investments like bonds and stocks.

 Furthermore, with a Goldco precious metals IRA, your financial investments are protected from possible cyber attacks and guided against global currencies' inherent instability. Presently, your Goldco precious metals IRA kit will accommodate investment as well as trade in silver and gold coins and bars.

 Beyond silver, gold IRA, and SDIRA services, Goldco offers a marketplace for clients to buy and sell precious metals in the non-IRA section. Mainly, this private opportunity is meant for collectors and investors in precious metals.

 Once you buy an asset in the marketplace, you can either store it in a secure vault or ask Goldco to ship it to a specific address on your behalf.

 There is a wide range of gold coins that Goldco allows you to trade; they include the American gold buffalo coin, Lunar coin series, Bald eagle coin, Gold dragon coin, American gold eagle, Australian saltwater crocodile coin, Gold maple leaf, etc.

 Similarly, the company allows its clients to transact in the following silver coins Canadian silver maple leaf coin, Silver WWII victory coin, Australian silver saltwater crocodile coin, American eagle silver proof coin, American silver eagle, Silver WWI coin, Bald eagle silver coin, Lucky dragon coin, etc. See The Goldco Full Review


Pricing and Fees: Birch Gold Group.

Besides the annual fees, Birch Gold Group does not publicize the details of any fees on its site. Neither does it provide any price matching services. The yearly chargeable fee for an IRA account is around $75, and the custodial fee for IRA storage is $100, fixed. 

 The year depository storage fee is $100. The group waives any transit and shipping costs for its clients. Investors must invest a minimum investment of $10,000.

Pricing and Fees: Goldco.

Goldco doesn't publish a detailed list of its pricing and fee structure on its website. Prospective clients should meticulously determine the fees they must pay to obtain specific services. 

 They charge a fixed account setup fee of $50 and $30 for money wiring. While the annual fee is around $80 and the custodial charge is $100. The minimum investment capital is $25,000.

Goldco company

They have a great reputation and endorsements from some big industry names in finance and celebrities; they also have many thousands of 5-star ratings by customers.

Goldco vs Birch Gold Group

Whether or not you sign up on their website or call them, these two gold IRA companies will ensure a seamless account setup process, with their expert staff and at all times taking into consideration your interests first.

Birch Gold vs Goldco

Costs and fees may be a challenge in gold IRA investment. These precious metal companies are very transparent, with nothing to hide. They are open with commissions, setup fees, storage fees, and maintenance fees.

There is No Real Winner 

$1000 in Free Silver

Both Companies have their own strengths and weakness therefore I would talk to both companies and see which one is more tailored to your investment. GoldCo now have a new promo whereas they will give you $10,000 plus in free silver when you invest a certain amount therefore, it does leave room for negotiation from your investment point of view.

You can contact both companies via the web addresses below.

  • Goldco has fewer years of experience in the gold IRA brokerage service compared to Birch Gold Group. Goldco is better for small and medium investors who want to enhance their financial security in the future. With a minimum investment of $25,000, Goldco is higher than Birch Gold Group, which is a $10,000 minimum investment. Birch Gold is better than Goldco for investors with no experience and limited capital.
  • Birch Gold Group is also suitable for many headline traders, desiring investors, and retirees searching for a complete investment solution on precious metals with a wide range of options.
  • Conclusively, Birch Gold Group appears to have more experience but Goldco ratings are on par therefore as mentioned previously.  I would contact both companies to see who offers you the best deal and advise.  See what Goldco has to offer:  Official Website: Goldco 
  •     Official Website: Birch Gold Group

If You are still a bit confused then now would be the best time to compare 3 more top companies I researched alongside Goldco and Birch Gold Group.

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