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  • Focuses on educating its clients
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  • Provides after sales services
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                                                                                            Minimum Investment: $10,000

                                                                                      Waved Fees On Large Investments

    Birch Gold Group - Investing In Gold and Silver IRA

    When it comes to retirement risks, you need to work with reliable financial services firms and the same applies in choosing the firm to buy physical precious metals from. We all know that the economy can be shaky at times and you would sleep better knowing that your savings are secure.

    If you did not know, capitalizing in precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and platinum can help safeguard your lifestyle and retirement. But you need to put your savings in the hands of an expert and reputable precious metals dealer in the industry dedicated to empowering you.

    Birch Gold Group is has the upper hand when it comes to investing in gold and silver IRA from its clients, top media gurus, and the industry. The company believes in empowering their customers through education by allowing them to express their goals, drives, and concerns.

    What I like about the Birch Gold Group is that they will help you realize your most appropriate investment options before you make any decision. The company will tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of each option you undertake to help you carry on with a lot of optimism.

    Birch Gold Group Ratings

    Birch Gold Group dedicates itself to Precious Metals IRAs offering gold, silver, palladium, and platinum at affordable rates. This excellent work has made the company accumulate lots of positive reviews and good ratings in the market as seen below:
    Customer Support:
    Ease of Buy: 

    Overall Rating: 

    The Birch Gold Group BBB rating is an A+ as the average rating from 87 customer reviews is 5/5 stars. Other ratings for the Birch Gold Group are 4.8/5 stars from 78 client reviews, 4.7/5 from Google Reviews, and 5/5 from TrustLink.

    Birch Gold Group Review

    What is Birch Gold Group?

    Established in 2003, Birch Gold Group is a Precious Metals brokerage company headquartered in Burbank, California. With approx. two decades of experience since its founding, the company has become a prominent dealer of physical precious metals across all the 50 States in the U.S.

    What makes the Birch Gold exceptional is that works with a self-motivated team of ex wealth managers, commodity brokers, and financial advisors to manage Gold IRAs or precious metals IRAs. In fact, some of its high-ranking executive members work at the Forbes Finance Council.

    Birch Gold Group holds itself to and follows a thorough set of standards including transparency, ethics, education, understanding, efficiency, and client empowerment. With that, they help their clients broaden the horizons of their portfolios with Precious Metals like silver, platinum, gold, or palladium, or even a mix of these metals.

    The truth is, finding a firm to assist you with a conventional IRA is an undemanding task. But you can agree with me that finding a reliable pro in Precious Metals IRA is more challenging. This is especially true if you are looking for a specialist with the required skills to feel comfortable when transferring an IRA to one financed with Precious Metals.

    Birch Gold Group offers the relief you need when you have anxieties concerning the dubiety of the stock market or the dollar’s constant loss in value. Their internal IRA Department dedicates itself to reducing the process of opening a precious metals IRA to bare bones. They also help clients roll over retirement accounts.

    Birch Gold often features on major media and news outlets such as the celebrated Ben Shapiro Show. If you want to catch up with their discussions about the factors leading to cycles of growth and market instability, you know where to find them.

    Birch Gold Group Features

    If you are wondering why you should make that bold move of investing in Gold IRAs with Birch Gold Group, here are the features that make it a top choice:

    Gold Birch Group Logo

    1. Easy to use Site 

    Birch Gold Group has a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate for both smartphones and PC client users. You can get any info you need about the company and precious metal IRAs on their site which is clear to both Gold IRA veteran or novice.

    2. Free Information Kit

    Gold Birch Group Investment Kit

    If you are considering branching out your investments, you will find a free 20-pages info kit on their site. 

    Birch Group Customer Service Operator

    3. Terrific Customer Services

    Birch Gold Group stands out mostly due to its terrific customer service that is always willing and ready to answer your queries or offer any services.

    Gold-Performance-in-a-Financial-CrisisPrice chart

    4. Interactive Price Chart

    You will find this chart on their site that offers investors a quick look at how the different precious metals offered by Birch Gold are performing. It is readable for both experts and Gold IRAs novices.

    Birch Gold Group Products Offerings

    Birch Gold Group offers a diversity of products which is an attribute for the precious metals brokers. This helps meet the different needs of clients interested in investing in this industry. At times, fluxes in this market make some precious metals too expensive for most willing clients. 

    To begin with, Birch Gold offers a full variety of physical precious metals including silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. These metals can further be offered in different weight categories. As such, customers you cannot afford an ounce of gold can buy in half or quarter ounces.

    Next, customers can opt for other precious metals such as palladium as their paucity yields better revenues and they qualify for Birch Gold’s retirement services approved by IRA. The company allows you to choose from their wide variety of investment choices.

    What I know is that Birch Gold will always offer product offerings you cannot refuse to accept.

    Crypto Bit Coin

    One other option the Birch Gold offer is rolling over your IRA into a Crypto Bitcoin account this has many benefits for the investor and is definitely worth having a chat with the birch Gold team of specialists.

    Gold IRA To Bit Coin

    Birch Gold Group Fees

    Just like any other precious metal investment out there, customers must pay a certain amount of money that takes care of privilege and protection. With Birch Gold, there is a one-time account setup and wire transfer cost of $50 and $30, respectively.

    Customers must pay $100 for insurance and storage fee as well as $80 for management fees. If you transfer more than $50,000, Birch Gold will take care of your initial year’s fees mentioned above. Even best, the firm will not charge a percentage amount of your assets in custodian care.

    In short, that means that regardless of the value of your account, Birch Gold will not change the yearly total of $180. To open your retirement account, the firms minimum investment amount is $10,000 investment. .

    Working with Birch Gold Group

    Birch Gold Group’s devoted team of experts boasts years of experience that will help you in each step of the way. Some of these pros have former titles with reputable firms such as IBM, Dun & Bradstreet, and Citigroup. Combine that with Birch’s customer service process and things will run smoothly.

    When capitalizing in Gold and Silver IRA with Birch Gold Group, clients have a choice between investing their silver, palladium, silver, or gold into a retirement account. The firm ensures that your buys are consistent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standards to be eligible for IRA placement.

    What that means is that you have the liberty to branch your Precious Metals IRA’s holdings out with other extras such as bonds, real estates & mortgages, private loans, stocks, and more. Birch Gold Group is highly regarded in the precious metals industry due to its terrific track record. 

    How Does the Birch Gold Group Establish a Precious Metals IRA?

    Birch Group bbb rating

    Gold IRA Curator

    Birch Gold Group often work with custodial firms such as Kingdom Trust and STRATA Trust Company both which have high BBB ratings. As such Birch will act as a dealer to assist your setup a curator if your existing custodian is not certified to facilitate a Precious Metals IRA. 

    Mine and purchase precious metal

    Birch Gold helps its clients to purchase precious metals for their IRA and choosing their investments

    Shipment and stowage

    When you purchase precious metals, Birch Gold will ship them to certified depositories for safe storage. Examples of these depositories include Brink’s Global Service and Delaware Depository.

    After sales service

    Birch Gold Group will uphold constant communication with an expert to answer your questions any time. If you also need to be filled in on marketing trends, these professionals will do it too. 

    Birch Gold Group Gold IRAs Potentials and Risks

    Precious Metals IRAs have been regularly discredited by some media outlets. In fact, some will even highlight them as just retirement accounts pushed on shareholders via fear strategies. From what we have covered so far, you can see there are many benefits for investing in Gold IRAs.

    The best thing with Gold IRAs

    The best thing with Gold IRAs is that they can provide liquidity, long-term monetary security, and privacy. This is an added advantage compared to traditional investments, especially because precious metals are NOT regulated by a single regime, financial market, or financial institution.

    If you are looking for protection against price increases or a more expanded portfolio, Gold IRAs is the way to go. As a wise investor, you should conduct in-depth research and actively involve yourself in your financial planning. 

    Luckily, that is how Birch Gold Group handles Gold IRAs.
    There are risks associated with any investment, and Gold IRAs is not an exemption. Investing in precious metals comes with unique risks but there are ways to prevent large losses by not putting all the eggs in a single basket.
    It is likely that you can lose money and past success does not promise prospect performance results. As such, consumers should be watchful to allegations that they can make lots of fortune in this investment with minimal stakes. Do not get the wrong impression of getting rich quickly.

    Birch Gold Group Precious Metals IRA Outlays

    Birch Gold Group precious metals IRA outlays differ based on the depository and custodian. Amendment of my review on the 20Th May 2021 the Gold Birch Group have confirmed they now use the Equity Trust Company as their main custodian. As well as Birch works with Delaware Depository (safe storage at $100/yr. You are given $1bn all-risk assurance against theft.
    Check above for the Birch Gold Group promotional rates.

    Birch Gold Group: Accepted Gold IRA Investments

    Like with any investment out there, the Birch Gold Group has a record of the types of Gold it sells. They are the only accepted gold IRA investments. Birch Gold Group also sells gold bars from sanctioned mints along with palladium, silver, and platinum to clients of Precious Metals IRA.

    Accepted Gold IRA Investments include:

    American Eagle Coin Image

    American Gold Eagle (Bullion)

    British Britannia Coin

    American Gold Eagle (Proof))

    Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

    Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

    American Gold Buffalo Coin

    American Buffalo

    Physical Gold

    Gold Bars & Rounds

     Gold Gyrfalcon

    Gold Gyrfalcon

    In addition, Birch Gold Group also trades gold and other precious metal coins, bars, and rounds for non-IRA investments should you opt for it. You can choose the best investment here.

    Birch Gold Group Customer Complaints "Rectified"

    Birch Gold Group Grievances

    Yes, Birch Gold Group performs excellently in the Precious Metals IRAs but that does not mean there are no grievances. For instance, most Birch Gold’s clients complained about the changing prices of gold and pointing a finger at the firm for decreased prices in precious metal ads.

    Luckily, the company has been able to solve these customer grievances as they are baseless given the nature of precious metals.


    • High ratings from customer, expert, and industry reviews 
    • Offers investors access to precious metals
    • Focuses on educating its clients
    • Free transfers on initial year for $50k and above
    • Provides after sales services
    • Outstanding customer service
    • Deep-rooted experience that guarantees trust


    • Precious metals come with unique risks 
    • Annual and setup fees
    • No actual fees shown

    Birch Gold Group FAQs

    Is Birch Gold Group legit?

    Yes, Birch Gold Group is a legit company with lots of reputation in the Precious Metals industry. The many positive reviews they have gotten from trusted sites and high ratings are enough proof.

    Who owns Birch Gold Group?

    No one in particular since Birch Gold Group was established under private ownership.

    What is the minimum investment at Birch Gold?

    Birch Gold Group has a minimum investment of $10,000 for Precious Metals IRA. Should you decide to put your asset outside of an IRA, the minimum investment is $5,000.

    Can I store the precious metals I buy at home?

    Yes, you can store the precious metals you buy at home if you bought them without going through an IRA firm. However, they are exposed to theft and damage risks.


    Birch Gold Group indeed is best for retirees, headline traders, and young investors and offers a basketful of benefits when investing in Gold and Silver IRAs. After all, they are reputable in this industry and trail a lot of success. If you are looking for a precious metal dealer dedicated to empowering its clients, Birch Gold is there.
    Precious Metal IRAs are an investment just like any other which means that there are associated risks. As such, Birch Gold will educate you (and offer after sales advice) on the options you have plus their pros and cons, but does not recommend putting every dime in precious metals IRAs.

    If you want to be in touch with Birch Gold Group, visit the website below.