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Augusta Precious Metals



  • Robust education & empowerment to diversify your savings
  • Outstanding reviews
  • Makes opening an IRA simple & transparent
  • Service for entire life of your account


Overall Rating

On Average Rating 4.8 / 5

A+ BBB Rating

Average Trust Link Review Rating 5/5 


Introduction To Augusta Precious Metals

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the recommendation for retirement investors is to manage risk through portfolio diversification. One of the most effective strategies is to include precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum.

Agusta Precious Metals offers investors retirement accounts referred to as Gold IRAs. The company works with each individual investor to ensure each receives what they require for their specific goals. 

Both precious metals and Gold IRAs qualify for the same tax deferments as self-directed IRAs. The company explains what is involved with this type of IRA and answers all questions in a straightforward and transparent manner.

What is Augusta Precious Metals?

The company is a family-owned business offering Gold IRAs and precious metals. Augusta Precious Metals has years of experience and is a trusted partner to secure your retirement with either a Silver or Gold IRA.

Investors receive all necessary assistance to purchase silver or gold or when opening a precious metals IRA. The company helps clients determine which product is best for the protection of their wealth for the long-term. 

Augusta Precious Metals was founded in Beverly Hills, California in 2012. The storage company and precious metals dealer provides clients with experienced and knowledgeable specialists. 

The company is customer-oriented, committed to providing the best possible silver and gold products and has developed a reputation for protecting the wealth of its clients. According to Augusta Precious Metals, clients always receive the lowest prices possible. 

The goal of the company is simple. They want to make life easier by providing an affordable, easy and personalized purchasing process. The reason each client chooses to purchase precious metals is taken seriously. 

Some clients are interested in an investment portfolio, others in a retirement portfolio. The company takes care of all the paperwork including contributions, transfers and distributions.  

Management Team

The CEO of Augusta Precious Metals is Issac Nuriani. He has made it his mission to help senior Americans plan for retirement by offering knowledge and precious metals to protect wealth.

Unfortunately, I have found the commitment he made to both ethics and transparency is fairly uncommon in the industry. He is an advocate of retirement diversification through the establishment of Silver and Gold IRAs. 

Issac Nuriani belongs to the Tangible Assets and Ethics ICTA Industry Council. He was raised in a family running a business involving precious metals. He received a degree in economics from the University of California. 

Eventually, he began guiding individuals in the industry with a commitment to ensuring all Americans enjoyed the benefits of a stable retirement. 

The CFO of Augusta Precious Metals is Howard Smith. He worked in capital and banking markets for more than 20 years. He realized the impact of volatile stock markets on retirees.  

He learned about the mission of the company to educate and empower clients regarding protecting their wealth from threats. This was the reason he joined the company in 2018. 

His work with local and federal governments and banks provided a lot of experience in risk management. His background in risk management offers clients the knowledge required to overcome risks jeopardizing their retirement goals. 

Howard Smith graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in finance and economics. He is also a certified CPA. 

Devlyn Steel is the Senior Economic Analyst for Augusta Precious Metals. He has spent more than 30 years in the financial and economic industries and processed financial assets for more than $2 billion. 

He serves as the head of the analytics staff. He is committed to proving clients with the education necessary to ensure their retirement savings remain safe through alternative assets including precious metals. 

He predicted the financial crisis of 2008 in addition to the price increase for both silver and gold that followed. He revealed the truth behind the headlines to provide clients with the ability to protect their financial future. 

Devlyn Steel served as host for several reputable online-based conferences. A lot of famous and successful clients were attracted to the company including Joe Montana the star quarterback. He is also a member of the business analytics program at Harvard. 

Customer Satisfaction and Education

Augusta Precious Metals believes in the importance of educating its clients. For this purpose, several in-depth articles are offered through their library offering education about the benefits of gold and silver, protection from inflation and the importance of diversification.

The company provides clients with a menu of tools and resources including useful tools for planning, calculators, price charts for precious metals and current market news. Augusta Precious Metals offers low prices and excellent customer service.  

Fees are waived for all precious metals IRAs for the first year, clients can take advantage of an excellent buyback program and shipping is not only insured but free as well. 

These are only a few of the many benefits offered by the company and some of the key reasons the client reviews are so good.

Investment Products Available Through Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metal takes pride in the wide range of silver and gold bullion bars and coins offered and IRA-approved. The company offers you a full range of both silver and gold.

If you are a collector, you will find an extensive range of premium collectible silver and gold coins. Many of these coins have received certification from either NGC or PCGS independent grading companies. 

The company works with International Depository Services or IDS and Brinks Global Services to ensure the storage needs of their clients for both silver and gold. This means you receive storage from reputable leaders in the industry. 

You have your choice of storage vaults in both the United States and Canada in numerous different locations including New York City, California and Ontario. 

The gold products offered include

  • British Britannia Coin one ounce
  • American Eagle Coin one ounce  
  • South African Krugerrand one ounce
  • Austrian Vienna Philharmonic one ounce
  • Australian Kangaroo Coin one ounce
  • American Buffalo Coin one ounce
  • American Buffalo Coin one ounce
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin one ounce
  • Islamic 8 Dinars Coin one ounce
  • Chinese Panda one ounce

The silver products offered include

  • British Britannia Coin (one ounce)  
  • Australian Koala Coin (one ounce)
  • American Eagle (one ounce)
  • 1 oz Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin (one ounce)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (10 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (100 ounces)
  • London Good Delivery Bar (one kg)

The palladium products offered include

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • PAMP Bar (10 ounces)

The platinum products offered include

  • American Eagle Coin (one ounce) 
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce)
  • Australian Koala Coin (one ounce)

Educational Resources

You can find excellent educational resources regarding owning silver and gold on the official company website including the benefits of a gold-backed IRA. Every product has FAQ pages with information on purchasing services, storage and legal considerations.

You also receive information if you decide to sell back the products you have purchased at competitive and fair prices. This type of offer is not common in the world of precious metals. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy and simple setup  
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Excellent product selection
  • Free insurance
  • Competitive pricing with a streamlined approach
  • Buyback pricing is high
  • Guaranteed seven-day price protection and fair pricing
  • Lifetime customer support


  • All clients are required to have a minimum savings of $50,000  

Moving forward With Your Investment

I think understanding there is a risk with any investment or precious metals IRA is important. When you hear any investor claim they made a substantial amount of money with no risk I recommend being extremely careful.

Yes, you can make a lot of money by investing, but if you are not careful you can also lose. There is no 100 percent guarantee with any investment. The fees you must pay to invest are also important. 

One of the main reasons I recommend Augusta Precious Metals is because the company does not misrepresent anything. You will receive clear and honest answers to your questions, a good education and assistance in choosing what is right for your needs.  

Opening a Gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals

The process is simple and has just three steps. You will receive guidance from a knowledgeable and experienced representative. Your Gold IRA selections have been approved for retirement accounts by the IRS.

You can choose from different weights of gold coins, silver coins weighing one ounce and silver and gold bullion. The United States Treasury Department has minted many of the silver coins. 

When opening a self-directed IRA, the recommendation of Augusta Precious Metals is to use Kingdom Trust, GoldStar Trust or Equity Trust as your custodian. This is due to the high levels of experience, compliance and integrity of these companies. 

Your account can be funded with a bank account transfer or a Gold IRA rollover. You will receive help in choosing silver and gold eligible for your IRA. The company offers silver and gold bullion, bars and rounds and premium coins in a wide weight range. 

You can also purchase certified coins, commemorative coins, proofs and collector sets depending on your specific goals.

Making a Purchase from Augusta Precious Metals

If you decide to purchase premium precious metals, your rate is locked in by the seven-day price protection program the moment your order is confirmed by phone. If you purchase bullion, your price is locked when your payment is received.

If your order of bullion is substantial, you will most likely receive a quantity discount. When you make a purchase or open a Gold IRA, you can receive a silver bonus worth $2,000 providing your initial investment qualifies. 

You have seven days to cancel your order for premium silver or gold with no questions asked. All of your following purchases become final when you confirm the order. 

Storage Facilities for Precious Metals

You can choose from seven nongovernment, secure storage facilities for your Gold IRA investments. These facilities are located throughout Canada and the United States. Once your purchase is finalized, the facility will receive your purchase within seven to 10 days.

Your precious metals are both accessible and safe. Augusta Precious Metals storage facilities are available in:

• Springfield Gardens, New York
• Jackson, Ohio
• Mississauga, Ontario, Canada including Class 3 vaults
• Los Angeles, California
• New Castle, Delaware
• Wilmington, Delaware
• Salt Lake City, Utah

These facilities offer top-of-the-line security systems, strict inventory and access controls, are insured to a maximum of $1 billion and are compliant with all regulations. Your investment is not accessible by facility creditors. 

Any precious metals not included with your IRA can be shipped to any post office box or home in the United States. I do not recommend storing silver or gold in your home for security reasons. 

You will receive domestic shipping free and to my knowledge, no package has ever been lost while in transit. If your package should become lost, your full purchase price will be refunded.

Precious Metals Cost

You will need to talk to Augusta Precious Metals for exact pricing on investments due to the consistent fluctuation in gold prices. To purchase either silver or gold, a minimum investment of $5,000 is required but there is no maximum.

Your cost for setting up a Gold IRA is only $50. You will be charged two annual fees, a storage fee of $100 and custodian maintenance of $80. 

If you purchase silver or gold not included in your IRA, you can pay using a credit card, bank wire or personal check. This is a $5,000 limit for each credit card transaction. 

Agusta Precious Metals has received excellent reviews and ratings. The company is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating. The rating with the Business Consumer Alliance is AAA which is the highest rating available. 

The firm received five out of five stars from TrustLink including numerous reviews mentioning the high-class service received. The rating on Facebook is 4.8 out of five stars. 

I was intrigued by the reviews I found on Glassdoor. These were employee reviews giving the company 4.5 out of five stars. What I found interesting was the number of employees speaking of the respect they received and the ideal company structure.

Why is Agusta Precious Metals Different Than Other Companies?

The company takes the time needed to build long-term client relationships. This is accomplished by providing every account with a dedicated specialist. You receive assistance from your first question until your Gold IRA has been distributed.

You will also
discover numerous educational resources published to help you understand investing in precious metals. You will also be pleased to know Augusta Precious Metals is a member of the National Ethics Association.

The award-winning company is different than its competitors because it will remain with you for the entire life of your physical silver or gold portfolios. The firm leads the retirement community and is an advocator of physical silver and gold retirement portfolios. 

Augusta Precious Metals has made a commitment to complete transparency, lifetime service and simplicity for all clients. The operations are different than other gold companies because you can access a streamlined process and specialized departments. 

The result is the savings you receive due to lower prices. Joe Montana is the Hall of Fame Quarterback that requested his personal financial advisor locate the best gold provider located in the United States. 

This was when his advisor discovered Augusta Precious Metals. A web conference then took place between the company's analytics team and Joe Montana. After the conference, he was so impressed with what he learned he became the corporate ambassador for the firm.

Augusta Precious Metals FAQs

Q: Can I Check the Performance of My Gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals?

A: Yes, all you need to do is get online and you can check your account any time you like. You will also receive quarterly statements showing the performance of your investment. 

Q: Are There Any Management Fees for My Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA?

A: No, there are no fees for investment management because you manage your own self-directed IRA. You will have to pay storage and custodial fees for your Gold IRA. 

Q: If the Mainstream Financial Markets Fail, Am I Protected with a Gold IRA?

A: Throughout history, when mainstream markets go down silver and gold have held or gained value. This can protect you from market volatility by balancing your portfolio. 

Q: Can I Make A Withdrawal From My Gold IRA with Augusta Precious Metals?

A: Yes, you can withdraw a partial or full distribution at any time. You can remove your physical metals from storage or have the company wire you the money for your distribution. 

If you want to eliminate penalties and taxes for early withdrawals, I recommend taking the RMD or required minimum distribution once you turn 70 and one-half years of age. You can use the RMD calculator on the company website or speak with a tax professional. 

Q: How Can I Protect My 401k or IRA with Silver and Gold?

A: When you open a Gold IRA, your receive tax-deferred growth. The structure of this type of IRS-approved account provides you with uncorrelated diversification which you will rarely receive with any portfolio containing only traditional paper assets. 

Q: How Much Money Can I Make With an Investment in a Gold IRA?

A: Despite the good performance of silver and gold throughout history, there is no guarantee for any investment including a Gold IRA. This being said, a Gold IRA offers you a hedge against inflation and is an excellent option to balance your portfolio. 

The Final Word

There are pros and cons to every investment. Augusta Precious metals offer a lot of pros including balancing your retirement savings, exceptional customer service, a simple and easy process and assistance for every step along the way.  
The only con I could find is not every investor has enough funding available to afford the minimum investment.

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