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    Are you worried about a possible financial and economic crisis? Protecting your finances by investing in alternative assets is one of the best things you can do to stay afloat. However, most people get stuck at how they can do it and who can help them achieve it.

    At the end of it, you will save yourself many sleepless nights, unlike when your finances face a lot of uncertainty. 

    If you would like to undertake this process, then a professional company such as Goldco should be your go-to helper. There are several main benefits of working with a professional company, including avoiding scams that may cause financial losses.

    The future may be uncertain; precious metals are not. Precious metals are the best way to keep an eye on retirement savings through economic fluctuations.

    Think about it: precious metals have been around for hundreds of years and will be here for hundreds more. If you are looking for a static object in time to invest in, precious metals are what you are after.

    Stocks and bonds are widely variable and take a lot of time. Money in a bank account can lose value thanks to inflation. Precious metals are simply the best way to store your retirement fund in safety.

    Goldco is a company that offers these services. They offer many ways to keep your retirement security for the long haul. From gold and silver to self-directed IRAs, there is something for everyone.

    Many would be suspicious of this offer. After all, you do not trust your financial future with just anyone. If you are intrigued but cautious, this review is for you.
     Learn everything you need to know about Goldco.

    If they are really the best for your financial future, you do not want to miss this opportunity to invest.

    Noble Gold Investments reviews

    Quick Summary

    Account Minimum: Annual Fee
    Gold IRA

    Silver IRA

    Platinum IRA

    Palladium IRA

    Royal Survival Packs

    $0 for home / $225 for Depositories

    Goldco Overview

    What Customers Say 

    Goldco is Different?

    Pros and Cons 

    What Is Goldco

    Things That Impact The Price Of Gold

    Goldco website

    Goldco Fees 

    Goldco Investment Minimums

    Benifits of Goldco

    What is a self-directed IRA

    How Goldco Can Help You

    Noble Gold Investments currently offers four unique IRA approved plans at your disposal. These options will help you decide your buying choices depending on your current investment reach and financial grasp. These IRA approved plans include:
    Gold IRA
    Silver IRA
    Platinum IRA
    Palladium IRA

    More About Goldco

    If you are interested in learning more about the perks associated with a Noble Gold Investments plan, here are some things that you should know.

     Minimum Investment Amount

    If you have already browsed through the different options in the market, you should know that the majority of the modern era precious metals investment companies offer a really high minimum investment amount for you.
    Therefore, if you only have a limited amount of cash on you right now and want to take advantage of precious metal investment options, a Noble Gold Investments plan would be perfect for you.
    The minimum investment amount is USD 2,000 for Gold and Silver IRA plans. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a Royal Survival Pack that contains a combination of hand-picked precious metals, the lowest investment amount is USD 5,000.
    Of course, there are other options with a high minimum investment amount, but this is the minimum investment amount for the majority of the case. So, anyone can get started on securing their future with just USD 2,000 in their pocket.

    Low Annual Maintenance Fees

    If you are familiar with other investment plans in the market, you should know that they ask a really high amount for the maintenance of your assets. This is where Noble Gold Investments step in and save the day by offering a minimum maintenance annual fees of USD 225.
    So, if you decide to go with a Noble Gold Investments option, some of the companies will also waive their annual fees if you decide to deposit an amount of at least USD 50,000.

    Affordable Pricing

    Since Noble Gold Investments comes with a wide network of providers, you will have the option to browse through hundreds of different precious metal providers and choose the one that better suits your requirements. This is how you can also enjoy affordable rates for precious metals and Gold or Silver IRA plans for your retirement.

    The Quick Buyback Program

    We have all been through some tough times. There are times when one requires instant cash for a rainy day. This is why Noble Gold Investments is a perfect option for you as it offers an amazing buyback program that will allow you to quickly liquidate your precious metals without any questioning or a long process.
    This is how you can invest and save your money for the future and can also easily buy back your money without having to go through an ordeal-ish process.

    What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Noble Gold Investments?

     While Noble Gold Investments is an excellent opportunity for securing your future and your retirement plans, you should be familiar with the pros and cons of this option. Let’s take a look at the pros first.

    Cryptocurrency IRAs

    Goldco has an accociated sister Gold company, named CoinIRA, which can offer cryptocurrency IRAs for those investors who are interested in the world of digital currencies. 

    Understanding precious metals IRAs

    There are several options people have when it comes to setting up Individual retirement accounts. It is your objectives and goals that dictate the route that you take when it comes to investing. However, precious metals IRAs have proven to be among the safest and most preferred options recently.

    With a self-directed IRA, you have the power to choose where to put your money. While stocks, mutual funds, and bonds are common investment routes, you can also diversify by adding precious metals to your investments. It is unlike standard IRAs that limit you to a few investment options.

    When investing with Goldco, you can choose either gold, silver, or even both. However, the fact that you can withdraw at age 52 ½ is one of the most significant reasons for choosing their investment methods. 

    However, you need to be aware of changes in market prices for the metals they deal with within the company. The fluctuations are due to changing economic times, but the natural price floor of metals like gold makes them safe for investment.

    Invest in IRA approved metals only

    Unlike most rivals, they focus their energies on providing you with the best and no lesser. One way they have managed to do that is by providing their clients with IRA approve metals.

    Therefore, you should expect the silver and gold offerings to be of sound standard and quality.

    • IRA approved gold According to the IRS, Gold should meet a minimum purity level of .999, and that is what you will get from Goldco. They allow you to either keep the gold you purchase at home or a secure depository. However, gold kept at home cannot be part of your IRS and acquired before investing with them.Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. However, gold kept at home cannot be part of your IRS and acquired before investing with them.Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
    • IRA approved silver Investing in silver can be trickier as there are higher chances of counterfeiting than with gold. Like gold, silver should have a purity level of .999, and that is one of the things they check and advise their clients on before they invest. Also, silver acquired before cannot be part of your IRA, which you add to your home collection.

    Goldco storage

    One of the common questions about their services is the storage of gold or silver. They have already mentioned that you cannot keep these metals in your home; otherwise, they cease to be part of your IRA. Also, you cannot keep them with Golco as they do not offer storage either.

    One thing to do is to use a secure third-party depository. Although the company do not have preferred companies when it comes to storage, they will recommend using reliable ones. Most of the nationally known companies can provide you with proper and secure storage.

    You can then contact them on your decision about a preferred repository that is also IRA-approved. The company will then transfer the gold or silver to the vault. That way, your investment will remain secure and part of your IRA according to our investment regulations.

    If you would like some suggestions on the most trusted vaults by Goldco customers, you can check out Brinks storage in Salt Lake City or IDS in Delaware.

    Gold Bars and coins

    IRS Regulated IRA Precious Metal Storage

    The IRS regulation, states that you have to store IRA precious metals such as gold and silver at a regulated fully approved third party depository. 

    Goldco only uses the best Precious metal storage providers in their industry making sure your precious metals stay safe. 

    Storage providers

    Delaware Depository 

    Brinks Salt Lake City 

    Type Of Storage




    Storage Annual Cost




    Goldco Fees & Prices

    Storage of purchased metals at Goldco attracts annual storage fees, depending on the type of room storage. You will pay $150 to the company for segregated storage and $100 for non-segregated. Besides, they will charge you $80 as a maintenance fee for the same period. You will pay $50 more on maintenance fee when your account grows to over $100, 000.

    Also, you should expect to incur some one-time-charges while setting up your account. For a start, you will have to deposit $50 into your IRA to act as an activation fee. You need to know that you will get charged $30 for every deposit as wire transfer fees.

    Goldco fees

    Investing with Goldco is an inexpensive venture as the fees they charge are very friendly. 

    To start with, you will have to pay $50 as initial set up fees for your IRA. That is one of the least initial account fees that you may pay for an IRA in the US. Also, the annual admin fee stands at $80, which is among the cheapest options to take.

    As mentioned, you have to pay for storage at Goldco. Non-segregated account holders pay $100 every year while segregated account holders pay $50 more. Remember, the minimum purchase price stands at $25, 000 both for gold and silver.

    It is essential to remember that non-IRA transactions do not attract any one-time, annual maintenance and storage charges. The Delaware depository and Equity Trust Company custodian remain our significant preferences.

    Company Fees For Precious Metal IRAs

    • One-Time Fee 
    • Set-up fee for IRA
    • Wire fee
    • Annual Fees
    • Maintenance fee
    • Storage fee
    • Price
    • $50
    • $30
    • Price
    • $80
    • $100 for non-segregated & $150 for segregated

    The minimum amount you can deposit is $25, 000 as a new customer. However, They can review it in some circumstances. After adding all these charges, you will have to incur up to $260 to register a non-segregated account for your first year. Then you will incur an additional $180 annually for the renewable charges.

    Fees For Non-IRA Transactions

    • One-time set-up fees                                                                          $0 
    • Annual maintenance fees                                                                   $0
    • Storage fees                                                                                          $0 

    Thats Correct zero fees for non-IRA transactions. You cant argue with that can you.

    According to the IRS, this should start when you reach 72 years old. At Goldco, we provide you with two significant ways to liquidate your investments and withdraw your finances.

    The first option is selling the coins to a coin dealer or someone else who wants to buy the silver or gold. Well, this is a great option, but sometimes you may not get the returns you desire. Buyers may be unwilling to buy at your price or have to wait longer before getting an offer. Therefore, it may not be a great option if you need to sell urgently.

    Second, you can sell the coins back to Goldco. Therefore, you can sell at a better price with this option and also sell quickly.

    What do people say about Goldco?

    Investment is a serious topic that you should never downplay in importance. Therefore, you need to be careful about where and when to put your money. That is especially when dealing with a company or individual. Consequently, it is necessary to do background research on Goldco before you decide to transact with them.

    Goldco's industry reputation is phenomenal because of the top-quality level of service that they offer. Reviews do not lie, and the positivity about their company says a lot about what to expect. Despite being a leading industry player for 14 years, you will struggle to find a negative review of their services.

    They have also gotten some huge ratings from companies and personalities. For example, the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance all gave a AAA rating to their services. They have 243 positive reviews on Trustlink and 206 others on Consumer Affairs, thus attracting a 5-star rating on both platforms.

    They also got endorsed for silver and gold IRAs by Ron Paul, a former US presidential nominee. With all these reviews and ratings, you can never go wrong with Goldco.


    What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Noble Gold Investments?


    • It is a relatively new company and was founded in 2017. 
    • There are no international storage options. The only depositories are in Texas and Delaware.


    • The initial sign-up process is quite quick as compared to other options.  .
    • Outstanding client ratings on various platforms .
    • The minimum investment amounts are affordable for the majority of people..
    • The storage is highly secure and segregated.
    • You can get unlimited access to trusted IRA-approved advisors.
    • It has an A+ rating with BBB.

    What Is The Bottom Line Here?

    Noble Gold Investments was founded on the idea of educating the customers about their investment choices and helping them with their precious metals investment options. Moreover, the core mission of the company is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for unique buyers. This is why Noble Gold Investments takes the lead and offers marvelous and safe options at your disposal.
    It has low minimum investments that allow for maximum diversity among different income classes. Additionally, the yearly maintenance fee is quite low as compared to other options in the market. In the last three years, the company has gained quite a positive reputation among the customers, and all the buyers highly recommend this option.

    How Does Noble Gold Stack Up Against the Competition?

    Starting Your Investment Today With Noble

    Complete guide on how to get started with Noble today

    Step 1.

    To contact the customer support representative Click Here to start your account proccess firstly fill in the enquiry box and the support agent will contact you ASAP

    Step 2.

    After you have contacted the customer support representative by leaving your name and contact details you will receive your Free Nobble guide to investing followed by a courtesy call from the Noble representative to see how Noble can help with your enquiry. 

    Step 3.

    After talking with the Noble representative and you are pleased with what Noble are proposing and wish to continue. The Noble IRA Specialist will ask you for more information required to complete your application.

    Well That’s it Folks

    Goldco will transfer your precious metals to a depository within a few days providing they are stock items otherwise it may take upto one month for the stocks to be aquired. to get started today? Request your free Goldco Investment guide.

    Contacting Goldco Customer Service?

    24-hour customer services

    If you do have questions relating to investing with Goldco, or any unforseen problems relating to your  account setup, there are a few ways you can contact there customer service department.

    You can contact them for inquiries and other services. Their California Headquarters open Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Visit them at 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays.

    There is also a contact form on their website to submit them an email at If you need urgent assistance, call them on (877) 589-1229, and their representative will respond quickly.

    Also, feel free to use their Facebook and Twitter social accounts to interact with them.

    Understanding How a Gold IRA rollover Works

    As mentioned earlier, a self-directed IRA does not limit you on what to do. That includes the freedom to transfer your funds to an IRA without any penalties or taxes. That allows you to secure your investments by converting all your funds to gold and securing your future.

    The best thing about IRA nowadays is that you also do not have to convert all your funds into gold investment. You can do a partial 401(k) rollover and leave part of your finances in the account. That means a more significant part of your investments can be safe from inflation and the overall changing economic times.

    Although the process may difficult, especially in identifying IRA approved gold, their experts will be available to offer a helping hand. The rollover process is simple, and you will start by filling out a form with your contact information, and their representative will reach out to you.

    They will then guide you to open an account at Goldco, fill the required forms, and start transferring your finances. Then they will take you through some of the options you have when it comes to precious metals. You will choose what you prefer, and we will transfer it to a secured vault.

    So Why Goldco

    Understanding various aspects of IRAs can be challenging, but Goldco makes your education a priority. Goldco has a section on the website dedicated to providing educational materials that can help you decide what is best for you.

    They have articles, e-books, and videos on some hot topics like;

    • 10 Reasons the Dollar Will Crash

    • Five Threats to Your Retirement

    • How to Buy Gold and Silver

    So Why Goldco

    There are several types of investors who can find Goldco an excellent option for their needs. First, it is suitable for people that would like to own substantial investments. Precious metals are tangible and an excellent addition to an investor's portfolio.

    People that fear a financial crisis, especially those nearing retirement, will also find Goldco suitable. That also includes those that would want to protect their finances from the volatile economy. If you fall into any of the mentioned categories, then you should consider Goldco services.

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