Affiliate Disclosure

We are hereby required by the FTC to inform you that the reviewed content within our website does not in any way constitute financial advice. And should never be read and taken in this manner. 

After following and reading our researched reviews it is advised that you conduct your own research after reading our guideline reviews.

The owners of this website may from time to time be paid to a commission from the companies researched and reviewed on this website, including the positive reviews of the top 5 researched companies. Therefore the information gathered within our research is as accurate as possible based on the company sites researched. In some cases, the negative reviews may not always reflect the true ratings of the mentioned companies or competitors.

Other information may also not be 100 % independent or neutral, therefore we would advise taking this information as a guideline starting point and apply further research into the company or companies you choose prior to committing to any such investment.


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