Merit Financial Services Review

  1. Merit Financial Services 

According to the company, its mission is to offer the best service and value to its customers. It attributes its top rating to the fact that it has continued to offer an aggressive and reliable pricing for its services. This is however just what the company believes o itself. Customer reviews are however a little bit impressive: It has an AA rating in the BCA platform. While this is not the highest rating, it is still commendable and shows that the company has more room for improvement. It however also means that the company risks having a lower rating if issues are not addressed.

Regarding its services and client convenience, the company has a toll free number, which makes it easier for any of its customers to reach it easily whenever there is a concern to be addressed. It however does not have an online IRA application as well as a free investment kit. This makes it so hard for newbies to adapt to the forces that operate within this field. Free brochures are however available to any interested investor who might want to gain more understanding about the services offered at the company. The duration for metal delivery is a bit fast since it takes 7 to 14 days for that to happen.

The complaints directed towards this company are also few. This is probably the main reason why the company is not featured at the top of this chat. An elimination of such dissatisfaction from its clients will be the best thing to do if it has to improve its review on different sites.