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Author: Steven Hernandez

New ECB Banking Rules and Regulations

Threaten To Spread Panic Through Eurozone’s Banking System

In the past week, the geopolitical spotlight found fewer catastrophes to focus on, so it instead focused on the newly drafted and soon to be imposed ECB banking laws that’ll take effect over all state-based Eurozone banks starting the 1st of January. While this may not seem like a big deal right now, it could be the start of a potentially major global and regional banking crisis.

Among some of the powers they grant, these new banking rules will give the ECB and its newly-established Single Resolution Board the power to freeze banks of collapsing institutions and bank accounts. According to analysts, instead of resolving the issues, the opposite could end up happening. As a result, it could lead to wild panic across not only nationally-troubled banking systems like that of Italy, but it could also jeopardize the credibility and integrity of Eurozone’s Banking System.

This is one of the latest reminders of why you should consider putting gold in your IRA. This precious metal has, over the course of history, been one of the best and most secure assets to have in times of market chaos and financial turmoil. Gold will protect you if the latest wrinkle in Europe’s financial systems blow-ups into a full-blown crisis. What Kyrgyzstan and Germany know could protect your retirement portfolio.

How These New Banking Rules and Single Resolution Board Came About

It’s now three years since European technocrats started working out this lawful and legal highly-acclaimed banking union. All this time, they’ve been intently looking to gain new powers that’ll allow them to handle troubled national lenders better, especially considering the rampant banking problems that have been witnessed in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and now in Cyprus. The plan will allow them to halt all withdrawals from banks that are failing. These measures are only intended to be active for a couple of days as they try to contain and deal with the troubled institution.

The main aim is to stop banking runs. But still, the dilemma is that these efforts might end up back-firing, leading to results that are the opposite of what’s intended. This could then lead to panic not only within the troubled institution but also throughout the entire financial system. In the event such a thing happens, you wouldn’t be talking about a Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian systemic issue, but possibly a problem with the power to quickly spread through the entire EZ banking system with a collapsing dominoes effect.

What ECB should consider doing instead is allowing national governments to pump more cash into prospectively-failing banks while they are working on restructuring them and finding willing financial partners to take over the said banks’ operations, accounts, and liabilities. However, this is essentially a non-starter since it means that member state governments would be required to pony up resources for this important purpose, something most of them are not willingly ready to do at the moment.

The Pitfalls of the ECB’s Single Resolution Board Plan

It was the Spanish Banco rapid, and thus far effective, resolution back in June this year that inspired the ECB and its partner, EZ’s Single Resolution Board, to push for the powers to be able to freeze banks and accounts in what is referred to as a “moratorium.” Good thing is that they were able to effectively and successfully handle the failing Spanish lender by selling it off to the larger, better financially-positioned, and more powerful Banco Santander.

However, in order to do this, they were forced to rush in one workweek night as depositors were in the middle of a devastating run on with the bank. Regulators worry that another bank run instance and failure within the Eurozone in the near future could happen at a time that is less opportune ” a time when they’re not able to come across a buyer within a single night. Nevertheless, with their newly found moratorium powers, this pressure could be drained off more effectively, and they’d be able to gain the necessary time to find willing buyers at a fairer, more advantageous price.

The Intrinsic Problems The German Banking Regulation Model Present

So far, the banking regulation model Germany put in place has been mostly successful. By shutting down failing banks, you can effectively stop runs on the banks. However, the problems lie in the fact that there will always be consequences that the regulators did not want or intend. Depositors may fear that their bank is slipping into issues and as a result, they may choose to bail out before it even does. This would be because they fear losing access to their funds should regulators seize the institution and shut it down.

Simultaneously, account holders would likely empty out their accounts as soon as the institution is reopened. But this likelihood is minute compared to the real drawbacks. By freezing a single troubled lenders accounts, the panic may end up spreading like wildfire through the entire national and international EZ banking system, with depositors all over the country becoming nervous that the same might fall on them and their banks next.

Such an impression will also endanger the so-far supportive efforts of bank resolution. The aggressive plans of EU regulators are already presenting a threat to the measures that have been put in place, even threatening to destroy measures that were put in place after the failure of Lehman Brothers in the height of 2008’s Global Financial Crisis. It is The Bank of England economists who sounded the alarm in one of their publications where they flatly stated that taking up such a moratorium could lead to banks disavowing what they have already agreed upon contingencies for addressing financial emergencies.

The Resolution to The Impending Banking Crisis Isn’t Likely to Be Recognized by the Power-Hungry EU Regulators

Analysts who’ve reviewed the situation have now come up with a sounder, less panic-evoking approach. This approach involves building up a Single Resolution Fund instead. The fund currently has a meager 55 billion euros capacity ” a capacity that is way too little to be useful in the event a large national bank fails. At the same time, this amount won’t be available online for several years at the very least; something that could possibly lead to cases of too little and too late. What the European Union should consider doing is quickly and massively increasing the size of this rainy-day banking fund.

By adequately and properly funding their SRF, the regulators could have the opportunity and tools they so desperately need to bail out financially-faltering and struggling banks without taking down the entire EZ financial system as a result. This might help stop any potentially looming financial crisis in global and regional banking if it so happens. However, this far-less and systemically-risky approach comes with one issue, a considerable upfront cost that not only requires additional finances but which also requires serious political willpower, two aspects that sadly are lacking in both The Eurozone and Europe in general.

What this means is that you need to desperately consider these issues and to handle matters on your own before it is too late. Your retirement and investment portfolios are nobody’s concern but yours alone. No one in this world will care about your finances as much as you. That is why it is advisable that you consider getting a gold IRA. Now that you already understand why you need one take the time to understand what gold should go into an IRA. Another reason why you should consider owning gold in a time when financial crises are ever looming is that gold is safe ” it’s not like money, and it cannot bail out the bankrupt banking and sovereign systems.

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Please find below all the latest Gold IRA Frequently Asked Questions

Gold IRA Frquently Asked Questions


  • Why Do I Need a Gold custodian

The IRS requires that a you should use a gold custodian administer to track the assets in an your IRA investment account – a Precious Metals IRA account is no different to the latter.

  • How can I rollover my existing IRA investment Gold IRA

Open a new Regal Assets Precious Metals IRA account. Then we will advise you on funding your new account with the assets in your existing IRA – there will be no penalties involved.

Once your funds are transferred to your new Regal Assets IRA account, you will be provided with resources to select your precious metals . Regal Assets Precious Metals will be there to advise you through every step of the process, which typically takes about 10-14 working days.

  • Do You include  Only Physical Gold

You can include Gold silver and other metals such as Platinum,Palladium for your IRA.


  • Restrictions are on the Precious Metals to be purchased?

Only Gold and other precious metals such as platinum, Silver,Palladium for your IRA.

  • Are You allowed to Transfer or Rollover your Existing IRA?

Yes you can. Any type of investment retirement plan can be rolled over to your gold IRA.

  • Are you Forced in any way to Transfer over Your Existing Plan

No, you can without any doubt transfer as much as you want.

  • Can You be Taxed when Transferring?

No, you are not taxed and no penalties will apply when you transfer a traditional IRA to a gold IRA.

  • Can the Fees Be very Expensive?

The fees are not  expensive. They generally depend on the amount of money being transferred. Usually the cost is somewhere in the region of $250. Also take into account the storage fees which can be around 1% of the total value of the IRA. However, some dealers don’t charge for the first year, if you transfer more than ten thousand dollars.

  • Where do I Sign Up to get my free Gold investment advice kit ?

To get access to the best free advice from a Regal Assets custodian, and receive your free Gold investment kit. You can sign up when you  Click this link you will then receive your free complete gold IRA advice kit at no charge.

Click here for your Free Gold IRA Kit.

  • What does an IRA Transfer mean?

If you have an IRA account, but want to reap the benefits of an IRA backed with physical Gold and precious metals, than you can transfer your investment assets from your existing IRA to a Gold and Silver IRA account.

The IRA allows you to transfer all or part of your assets from your existing IRA to your new IRA. The transaction is made with your existing custodian and your new approved custodian.

When you make a transfer, there are no taxes or penalties, as it is not looked upon as distribution. Therefore, you have not received any assets or funds during the transfer process. The transfer is very simple and should be straight-foreword, and Regal Assets Gold’s IRA specialists are always available to guide you through the IRA Account Form and details.

  • How long should one hold the precious metals in an IRA?

Gold has a proven record when it comes to holding its value even during periods of economic recession. The demand for Gold  is great and only increases as to the demand for assets, like equities, Also when bonds and real estate decreases.

Gold as solid long-term investment, and provides investors with a level of trust and confidence knowing that their IRA account is backed with physical Gold and Silver.

Through history, precious metals have always outperformed other assets such as stocks shares, bonds and mutual funds. Therefore, it is an advised plan to hold physical precious metals in your IRA account for at least 5 years. To get higher returns, keeping ownership of the Gold for 5-10 years is  considered to be the optimum approach.

  • How much of my savings and worth should be in invested precious metals

With current levels of volatility and uncertainty, numerous investment experts say you have 10-35% of your wealth in physical solid precious metals.

It is the best method of diversification that is very important. We all lived the the crash back in 2008, investments on paper does not prevent overnight losses in your portfolio.

With diversification multiple assets, and precious metals, particularly physical Gold and Silver, can be the most reliable assets to fight against the crash of all paper investments.

Do I get possession of my IRA Gold ?

Regal Assets has developed an approved strategy that allows individuals to take possession of their IRA metals. Please contact us for details on the Regal Assets code of practise.

According to the Govement USA. tax code, most IRA assets must stay in the security of the IRA’s Gold custodian until  distribution is completed. This would mean if you purchase precious metals such as Gold and Silver , then you are not allowed to take full possession of your goods until a retirement age.

Your Gold and Silver has to be deposited into one approved storage facilities in the nation.

Regal Assets has storage for each of its clients; so the bullion coins that you purchased are distributed and not mingled – into a different individual Regal Assets client secure vault.

You are entitled to visit your assets at any point in time to inspect your Gold .


FD Analytical – Chartered Management Accountants

The UK tax system is one of the most complex within the world, all clients of FD Analytical receive a full business and personal tax review, to ensure that tax liabilities are kept to a minimum.  For your own, complete, personal tax review contact us today, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading and applying some of our simple (but very effective) tax saving tips.

Tip #1 – Working from home?


If your business is home based, allows a measly £4.00 per week as a standard rate for the business to use your home. This allows taxpayers an annual charge of just £208.00 (52 x £4). It’s a really simple way of calculating a “home office” charge, but in reality this charge could be a LOT more and therefore, get you much more tax relief.

An alternative method of calculating the cost of running your business from home is to add together all of the costs of running your household, such as; rent, utilities, insurances etc. and multiply this by the estimated % of the house that your business occupies.

Try it at least once to make sure that you’re not losing out – but remember to keep your workings and calculations for HMRC.

Tip #2 – Use your own vehicle for business?

Keep a full record of all of the business miles that you complete in your own, personal vehicle, we recommend simply using a diary and each time that you complete a business journey include; the total number of miles, where the journey was to (and from) and why it was business related. Doing this will allow you to reduce your taxable profits by; 45p per mile (for the first 10,000 miles completed each year) and 25p per mile (for all miles over and above 10,000).

In contrast to the above, rather than claim tax relief “by the mile” it is possible to calculate the business use of your own vehicle by totalling the annual costs of running your vehicle, such as; insurance, servicing, repairs, fuel etc. and multiplying this by the proportion of the vehicle that you use for business purposes.

Ensure that you do this exercise at least once to ensure that you’re not paying too much tax.

Tip #3 – Always check your tax code

For the 2016/17 tax year, the standard tax code is 1100L – this means that you are entitled to earn £11,000 per year without paying ANY tax.

If this isn’t your tax code, make sure that you understand why or you may be overpaying tax.

Tip #4 – ALWAYS hit the deadline(s)

HMRC’s deadlines for late filing of tax returns are now more severe than ever, for example, miss the self-assessment filing deadline by just 1 day and HMRC will charge you a penalty of £100.00, miss the filing deadline for VAT by just one day and HMRC may charge you 15% of the total VAT charge!

Planning and preparing your tax return in advance will allow you to “tax plan” much more efficiently AND save you £’s in fines and penalties.

Tip #5 – Get a pension (or increase contributions to your current pension)

Despite many of the historic tax perks now being removed, pension contributions are still treated very favourably from a tax perspective. Contributing to a company or personal pension scheme is one of the most tax efficient things that can be done, for example;

Every £80 that you save into your pension you’ll get £20 tax back, increasing your investment to £100. If you’re a higher rate taxpayer you can claim back an extra £20, so every £100 investment will cost you just £60.

BONUS TIP – Get a GREAT accountant!

A great accountant could be one of the most tax efficient investments you could make, payment to an accountant for an annual tax return should save you significantly more in tax, than the fee that you pay.

Why not contact FD Analytical accountants and we can talk to you in more detail about fantastic tax saving strategies that we can apply to you and your position.

Web: Content Provider Wirral Accountants


Best Gold IRA Company Reviews

Gold IRA Company Reviews 2016

Investing for an individual retirement account (IRA) must be decided wisely.

It entails trust and reputation if you are going to make your investment. One of the possessions of a person that they usually invest in is gold. It has a high value with high demand and indeed a great investment for your retirement period. That possession of yours must not be entrusted to just any of the company.

Why Invest in Gold

The Gold IRA Company Oatman Gold conducted reviews to help people make a right decision in choosing the trusted company that is worthy of their gold. The reviews that you are about to serve must be taken seriously and with a huge consideration to the benefits and disadvantage of the particular company.
First in line for the review conducted by Gold IRA company Oatman Gold is the Lexi Capital. It receives a rating of A- having only one complaint since founded in 2010. Trust link also did one review for this. Considering its years in service, it may not suffice the needed time of experience to cater a healthy serving to other people. That may Cause an element of risk for you; If has your gold investment in this company.

Gold Ira Company Reviews

Merit Financial Services is far above the first. It has a rating of A+ with 500 reviews in Trust link. But it has 60 complaints for over three years. The sad thing about them is they do not give discounts with bigger order size. They have a long period of waiting and high rate of shipping in spite the small orders. They may probably eat up some of your money while waiting for so long for your order.
Next in line is the Capital Gold Group. It has a rating of A+ having 17 complaints in the past six years. They also gained five stars because of the company’s 121 reviews. Despite that, it has still complaints because of some miscommunications concerning the type of ordered coins and fees for management aspect.

We are already taking reviews from different companies. But you were probably looking for the best that you deserve. Do not lose hope because Regal Assets LLC is still there for you. Their review will probably blow your mind with their credentials and quality servicing. The company has the rating of A+ for about more than 170 reviews. They also achieve a 5-star rating from Trust Link. Another surprising fact about them is they only have two complaints for the last five years. The company already gained experience that makes them the best from other businesses. Also, they have highly knowledgeable and intellectual advisors for your guidance. With the kind of servicing that they have, many well-known celebrities and dignified financiers endorse them to other people.

After carrying out my review I found that the company Regal Assets had the best accreditations based on reviews, ratings and comments.

It is recommended that you call the company of your choice to see which custodian feels right for you.  Regal Assets LLC is the best way of experiencing significant investment with their excellent services. Your gold will be in the right hands if you let them take care of it.

However, you must never rush into buying gold. To quickly get a feel for how it all works, order your complete free kit from Regal assets. After you have read and watched the video, you will have a much better understanding should you wish to talk with a custodian.

To find out more visit Regal Assets their free starter kit explains all.