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There can be no bigger decision to make than with your retirement funds, than finding and choosing the right company for you, that will help you safely and securely rollover a partial amount of your hard earned funds to gold and silver. After many hours of painful research and talking with companies directly, Therefore I have  included what I think are the best gold IRA companies that I would recommend and would trust. 

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  • Annual Fee: $175-$225
  • Minimum Investment: $25,000
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  • Annual Fee: $225List
  • Minimum Investment: $2,000 
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Overall Rating

  • Annual Fee: $225List Element
  • Minimum Investment: $25,000

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Summary: There's aRE MANY WAYS to invest your HARD EARNED CASH. One of the BEST WAYS least understood BY MANY is the precious metalS market,  TO CUT TO THE CHASE, gold IRAs. We tOOK a GOOD look at this nonE traditional GOLD IRA to FIND OUT if it IS the BEST place FOR YOU TO INVEST your retirement funds.

Compare Top Gold IRA Custodians Reviewed In 2020

  • FEES $175-$225 / year
  • MIN. INVESTMENT $25,000
  • PROMOTIONAL 5% back on metalsover $50k

Goldco is one of the premier Precious Metals IRA companies in the USA. It Protects your wealth and Investment with physical Gold & Silver precious metals.

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  •  Minimum Investment $2,000
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What Is A Gold IRA Investment Account About?

If you want to learn about the specifics surrounding gold IRAs, you need to know what the components are when investing in them.

Gold is known for being a precious metal commodity that holds its value well. It's also known for being a diversifying investment like real estate or stocks and bonds.

You can also view it as a hedge that protects against the erratic behaviour you see in the US dollar at times.

Investment strategies involve keeping gold on you as a protection against the inflation rates, or it can even be seen as a way to make money in the end.

If you want to see why gold is such an important investment, you can look at the prices now compared to what it was almost 50 or so years ago.

In the early parts of the 1970s gold cost around $35 per ounce. During the tail end of 2018, an ounce was worth $1,282 when on the open market.

Look, then, at how $35 in cash inflated from the year 1970. It's basically still worth the same amount so you'd get about $35 in cash for it today since inflation lowered its buying power.

However, you can find more to gold investing than thinking of time frames that are far apart.

In later parts of this article, you're going to get to know why gold has pros and cons while not being good for everyone to invest in. Now, however, we're going to think about the IRA part of the gold IRA.

An IRA is an individual retirement account which is important for most to invest in. 

A traditional IRA allows for someone to put back funds before taxes to help with their retirement in the future. This kind of account can grow without dealing with capital gains taxes or the assessment of dividend.

In the end, there is only income tax that happens when you take money out of a traditional IRA.

One well-known type of IRA is the Roth IRA. This is a bit similar to a traditional IRA, but it's put into place with after-tax funds. Roth and traditional IRAs are only there to hold stocks and bonds or cash.

If you merge these concepts, you'll see that a gold IRA account is one where you invest in gold. It can be in gold that is in bars or coins as long as it's accepted by the IRS. You can also able to invest in other precious metals.

  • You can set your account up using pre or post-tax income. 
  • What You Need To Learn Before Putting Money Into A Gold IRA 
  • Much unlike the Roth or traditional IRAs, there are a few details that come with investing in a gold IRA.

If it's considered a self-directed IRA, then the investor has to deal with specific rules that the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, has set up. 

 What Are Some Gold IRA Investing Options?

It's important to know about what you can and cannot invest in a gold IRA so you know what can go into it in the end.

There are more metals than gold like palladium, platinum, and silver, which all have different lists of bars, coins, and bullion bars that can legally be part of the IRA.

But, since we're looking at gold here, the main thing you need to know is the IRS standards that involve how pure gold is and things of that nature.

Different Options For Investing In A Gold IRA

Some gold options you can put into a gold IRA include the American Gold Eagle Coin or the American Gold Buffalo Coin. There are quite a few coin options from many different countries that can go into a gold IRA.

If you want to invest in a gold IRA, you have to use the proper types of gold. There are coins, bullion, and bars that are accepted by the IRS as appropriate to put into an IRA. Their many types of options so you should be able to find something that you will be happy about investing in.

One thing you cannot include in gold or precious metal IRA is known as a collectable. These items are generally popular and are in private collections, but they don't meet the purity standards that the IRS has set.

There are also gold investments that are not about the physical metal. These kinds of investments are called exchange-traded funds. These are also referred to as ETFs. For instance, this can include a precious metal mutual fund or precious metals commodity futures.

Some people like the option of having gold paper investments because they are attractive to those that are trying to diversify their portfolios. However, some people don't like this kind of investment because it may be a risk in the long run that they don't want to take. It's best to speak with your broker about ETFs, so you know what your options are and whether you're wasting time working with them or not.

Gold IRA Rules and Regulations.

What can you get by investing in a gold invest retirement account.? You are simply turning part of your retirement savings into gold. Is it the right move for you? Not all IRA accounts allow investment in gold, and it is essential to understand the regulations and rules surrounding them and see if you are eligible. Besides, this piece will also help you know what Gold IRA is and whether it suits your retirement strategy.

A Gold IRA is a special investment type of IRA that lets investors own physical gold, silver, and other precious metals instead of regular assets such as stocks, bonds, and cash. The ability to hold precious metals in retirement accounts was initialized in 1997 by Congress, since then, it has become one of the best options for people looking to rack up their retirement savings.

Looking at how gold is sensitive across the globe, it is not abnormal to see the Internal Revenue Service putting stringent regulations for Gold IRA accounts. If they allow you to have these precious metals in your retirement portfolio, consider yourself lucky. The rules surrounding Gold IRA investments define how you can approach them, the limits, and things to watch out for when investing in then. The IRS enforces these regulations to try and make the investment as clean as possible and to avoid cases of wrongdoing. Read on;


The IRS guidelines for storing precious metals are specific that you should not handle them at any point. This is where your custodian comes into play, as they organize for the purchase and storage of these metals. 

You are not allowed to buy the gold and hand them over to the custodian at all. If you handle the metals, the IRS will view them as distributed and penalize you for it.

Once your custodian receives the precious metals, they will hand them over to an IRS accredited off-site depository. You can select storage of your choice or pick one with an existing agreement with your custodian.

The depository will store your precious metals until you instruct your administrator to sell or distribute them. The repositories are specially established to hold precious metals from Gold IRAs and charge a yearly storage fee deducted from the value of your IRA vehicle.

Tax Regulations

If you wish to hold the gold on your own, there will be some tax consequences. When you hold the gold physically, you will need to pay the full income tax based on the value of the metals at that point. If you withdraw the gold earlier than stipulated, then you will be charged a ten per cent penalty depending on the amount of the gold at that point. Besides, the IRS will charge a 28 per cent capital gains tax on any profits you gained based on what the gold cost you originally.

Contribution Limits

It is prudent to consult your administrator and see what your contribution limits are. It is roughly $5000 yearly, with the amount increasing to $6000 when you attain 50. You can contribute to a Gold IRA account by rolling over what you already had in a similar retirement account or depositing a check with your administrator. You are not allowed to buy the precious metals independently and send them to the administrator.

Early Withdrawal Limits

The IRS is not exclusive with its early withdrawal statutes as it allows for one to do it under a few exceptions. These include cases where the owner is disabled, becomes hospitalised, and needs some money to pay for the medical bills. 

If they die, their beneficiaries are also allowed to access the funds. If the owner needs to use up to $10,000 from the account to buy a first home, they can withdraw without paying the penalty. If the owner of the IRA or loved one requires money to pay for their education, they could be permitted to withdraw without paying the penalty.

Types of Precious Metals

There are numerous precious metals out there, and not all of them are available under a Gold IRA plan. The IRS has strict rules and regulations on the types of precious metals and their purity standards.

Besides, the metal should not be highly collectable and be obtained from an approved mint. The IRS accepts gold-containing full 24 Karats purity, but there is an exception to the Gold American Eagle coin that has 22 Karats purity. Other acceptable precious metals include silver, platinum, or palladium.

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